July 20, 2024

Tee Higgins: Top 3 Landing Spots

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Tee Higgins is a 4-year veteran looking for a new deal and it looks like he is finally fed up with Cincinnati. I can see why that would be. He has two 1,000-yard seasons. In his rookie year had 908 yards and six touchdowns. You would hope for that from a rookie fantasy draft pick. 

Cincinnati has not talked to Higgins’s agents for a while. Tee has finally requested a trade. Tampering season is starting soon. A receiver of Higgins’s caliber is now available. Let’s talk about the top spots for him.



This is the obvious choice. The Cardinals should and need to be on the phone right now and get Kyler Murray a true WR1 for their team. This wouldn’t even affect their draft plans. They should take Marvin Harrison Jr. Or, if Harrison is gone, another top wide receiver. 

Pair Higgins up with one of the top guys in this draft and you have a revamped and far more athletic wide receiver room. Adding Higgins will help the hypothetical rookie and Trey McBride. He was the breakout tight end of 2023. You would have one of the more dynamic offenses, and with your QB already locked up in a long-term deal. The Cardinals would be looking good. 

Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown is likely gone in this case. I wouldn’t pay as much as Higgins would get. So, that would already be an upgrade. Michael Wilson and Rondale Moore need more refinement but will never be a true WR1. They are complementary. They can stay in their roles where they excel.



The next obvious choice to put an offense over the top. Like the Cardinals, the Ravens need a big-bodied WR that can serve as a primary option for Lamar Jackson. Zay Flowers made huge strides in his rookie season. He is a piece you need alongside a Tee Higgins-type player.

You can’t double both Higgins and Flowers. They offer unique and different skills. This opens up Mark Andrews for single coverage, too. Each player brings different skills, posing defensive challenges. Defenses can’t stop all three options. 

This gives the Ravens an offensive edge, especially in their running game. Getting J.K. Dobbins back from injury is a plus. They’re also eyeing a top free-agent running back. It’ll boost their offense, making them even more dynamic.


They excel at drafting for needy defensive positions. With their track record, I don’t see that changing. They signed their franchised tag player, Justin Madubuike. Higgins can see they take care of their own. He wants to go to a team where he can still be on a perennial playoff team. The Ravens are just that.



I tried very hard to exclude Carolina or New England from this list because they are obvious choices. Yet, here we are. The Panthers’ wide receiver room is led by 33-year-old Adam Thielen. They need a much-needed upgrade. Thielen is a good wide receiver. His best years were as the WR2. When he played alongside Stefon Diggs, and then the eventual Justin Jefferson in Minnesota. 

Thielen along with DJ Chark and Jonathan Mingo were the primary choices. They are all part of a wide receiver room with many second-chance players after that. After DJ Chark’s ankle injury in Jacksonville, he has not gotten off the ground. He hasn’t been efficient enough in Detroit or Carolina now. Mingo did not excel in that offense last year. While Chark is a free agent, why not upgrade his role to Tee Higgins?

Bryce Young needs more weapons and this would be a great start. Dave Canales is the new Panthers coach. He has shown that he can fix a broken quarterback and make the wide receivers produce. He did it with the Buccaneers and desperately needs to do that with the Panthers. The biggest hurdle is getting a wide receiver room you can trust. You do that by signing Higgins.



Tee Higgins has proven year after year that he is a productive NFL talent. Even when Joe Burrow gets hurt, he produces. He wants his money and a top spot on a team. It’s about being the star or joining a winning team. You can’t blame a guy for being wanted, especially with the production he has had. Some team will give him the money and he will give them another 1000-yard season. 

This does not affect his trade value in any way because he will still be a 100-plus target receiver wherever he goes. Even if that is a place like the Panthers or Patriots. If they are trying to sell Higgins because he goes to one of those two teams, capitalize on the sale and get a WR1. If you need any help on Trade/Dynasty Value, use our Dynasty Trade Calculator for ideas.