December 10, 2023

Super Bowl 2022 Prediction

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Super Bowl 2022 Prediction

By Tim Lazenby

What a thrill the 2022 NFL playoffs predictions have been so far.  We’ve predicted some landslides, some tightly fought matches, some favorites moving on and some underdogs fighting their way to the top.  With all the excitement, it’s time to bring it to a close, but before we do, here’s a recap of how each team will do in the standings according to my predictions.



North                                                    East                                                         South                                                        West

Green Bay Packers 10-7-0              Dallas Cowboys 8-9-0                          Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-6-0            Los Angeles Rams 12-5-0

Minnesota Vikings 8-9-0                   Philadelphia Eagles 8-9-0                     Carolina Panthers 6-11-0                        Arizona Cardinals 11-6-0

Chicago Bears 7-10-0                        New York Giants 6-11-0                         New Orleans Saints 4-13                        San Francisco 49ers 7-10-0

Detroit Lions 7-10-0                           Washington Commanders 4-12-1        Atlanta Falcons 3-13-1                            Seattle Seahawks 3-14-0


North                                                    East                                                          South                                                         West

Cincinnati Bengals 12-5-0                Buffalo Bills 13-4-0                               Indianapolis Colts 12-5-0                       Los Angeles Chargers 14-3-0

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-6-0                 Miami Dolphins 10-7-0                          Tennessee Titans 9-8-0                           Kansas City Chiefs 10-7-0

Baltimore Ravens 9-8-0                      New York Jets 9-8-0                               Jacksonville Jaguars 8-9-0                     Denver Broncos 9-8-0

Cleveland Browns 8-9-0                     New England Patriots 8-9-0                   Houston Texans 3-14-0                           Las Vegas Raiders 8-9-0

With all of that out of the way, I bring to you your Super Bowl contestants for 2022-23.  In a battle for the city of Los Angeles, the Rams and the Chargers will headline Super Bowl LVII a year too late from playing at Inglewood.  Hold onto your seats as this battle of LA will be one for the ages.  Let’s see how this unfolds.


Super Bowl 2022

Los Angeles Rams 12-5-0 (1) vs Los Angeles Chargers 14-3-0 (1)

Last Game: Chargers 23 @ Rams 35 (09-23-2018)

Rams lead all time series 7-5-0

In 1976, the NFL adopted the system that places the seeds in the playoffs and it has been a rarity for number one seeds to face off in the Super Bowl.  Two number one seeds meeting in the Super Bowl has only happened 13 times, with the most recent meeting happening in 2017-18.  Well, in 2022-23, it’s going to mark the 14th time in this battle of Los Angeles.

There have also never been two teams from the same city that have matched up against each other in the Super Bowl before.  In fact, only twice has there been a Super Bowl featuring two teams from the same state, so history will be made next year before the whistle is even blown to start the Rams versus Charger game.  But just matching up against each other isn’t what fans will be speaking of when all is said and done.

In the Rams, you have a proven winner.  Although McVay brings a stellar 55-26-0 record to the Rams in the regular season, his postseason success is even better at 7-3-0.  With two Super Bowl appearances and one win, the Rams are a team hell bent on success and there aren’t many teams that can compete on all cylinders like the Rams can.  This team is complete from top to bottom.

The Chargers, on the other hand, haven’t seen anything near the success that the Rams have.  After all, it’s been over a decade since they even won their own division, let alone had success in the playoffs.  With only two postseason appearances in their last twelve, the Chargers in many ways remind me of the Bengals: a team brimming with youth and potential, just waiting for their turn at the top.

On offense, both teams are near the top of the league.  Sporting talent at every position, it’s either team’s spot to lose, but I give the slight edge to the Chargers.  The quartet of Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams is rivaled by few in this league.  It’s not to say that the Rams aren’t elite in their own rite, but if I have to pick, I’m giving the edge to the Chargers.

When it comes to defense, I’m also giving the edge to the Chargers here.  It seems disrespectful to not choose the team with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, but they don’t quite match up against the likes of Derwin James, Joey Bosa, JC Jackson and Khalil Mack.  The depth also goes to the Chargers.  Though the Rams are no slouch here, the edge is quite evident.

All that being said, despite the edge on offense and defense, this game will be tight.  The Chargers will still need to overcome their lack of playoff experience to have a chance against the completely seasoned Rams.  And with Matthew Stafford as the best comeback quarterback in the league, this battle should be one that will not be easily decided.  I can see the Super Bowl extending past regulation for only the second time in the National Football League’s rich history.

With everything on the line, this match will not disappoint.  Multiple lead changes and excitement on all fronts, the battle of LA will be one of the best matches in Super Bowl history.  Yet despite not wanting to name a loser, there can be only one winner.  The Rams will put up the fight of the ages, even being on top at times, but in the end, it will be the other LA team raising the trophy past 60 minutes.  And for the first time since Super Bowl 50, I see a defensive player taking the Super Bowl MVP in 2022-23.

Chargers win Super Bowl LVII 23-17

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