June 21, 2024

Scariest Dynasty Assets

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As the leaves start to change and fall to the ground so do the hopes of dynasty managers as they look at their rosters and make plans for the future. Sometimes you look at your squad and see lots of hope and excitement for what is to come. Sometimes you look at it and your skin crawls with all the questions and red flags. On All Hallows Eve, we take a look at the 13th scariest dynasty prospect. Scary because they have questionable futures. Some are based on performance, others are based on the team around them. Either way, they leave dynasty managers with questions about their long-term value on the roster and if they should maybe move now before the flame dies out.


Trevor Lawrence: Quarterback -Jacksonville Jaguars

Dynasty managers had dreams of championships when they drafted Trevor Lawrence in 2021 Yet he has not lived up to the fantasies so far in his NFL career. Is this season the fluke or was last year the fluke? It’s scary to think they added weapons and Lawrence is playing worse. The run game is better but his passing is lacking. This could quickly turn into a nightmare if Lawrence can’t turn things around. He was hyped as a top 5 quarterback yet is hanging around the 12-15 range.

Bryce Young: Quarterback – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got to pick their poison in the NFL draft. They got to choose between Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, and Anthony Richardson. Early on it looked like they chose poorly. Young hasn’t looked great and is leaving the team questioning their pick. The team will be scrambling this offseason to find the antidote to what ails them. Is it coaching? Is it the O Line? If they can’t find it Bryce Young might kill your dynasty roster and championship aspirations.


Rachaad White: Running Back – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers were punishing defenses in 2021 with Leonard Fournette. With Tom Brady gone and Baker Mayfield in this year it has been torture watching Rachaad White plod his way to averaging 3.2 yards per carry. The Buccaneers are doing well in spite of White’s inefficiencies. If not for his pass-catching work White would be even more painful to have on your dynasty roster. How much more torment can the team take before they bring in someone else either via free agency or draft? Dynasty managers have to make the same choice. 


Rhamondre Stevenson: Running Back – New England Patriots

In 2020 and 2021 Rhamondre Stevenson was slashing through defenses to the tune of a 4.56 and a 4.95 yards per carry average. The offense as a whole was not great but Stevenson looked sharp. This year Rhamondre’s yards per carry have been slashed to a meager 3.08 all while the passing game is the open wound for the Patriots. How the Patriots choose to triage this situation could mean a resurgence of Rhamondre or possibly amputating most of the team and starting over.


DJ Moore: Wide Receiver – Chicago Bears

Moving from Carolina to Chicago seemed to bring DJ Moore back to life. The trade that sent the 1st overall pick has re-animated the wide receiver. He is currently on pace for the best year of his career. The question is will the corpse of what is Justin Field’s career be resurrected as well or will the Bear’s ownership put the final nail in the coffin of this iteration of the roster? Can Moore be a lifeline for dynasty managers or just a shell of what he once was?


Christian Watson: Wide Receiver – Green Bay Packers

2021 Christian Watson was sucking the blood of defenses with his deep ball routes and posting 7 touchdowns in a 4 game stretch.  It seems like Watson’s fantasy value isn’t immortal and he has struggled this season with injuries and inconsistent play. The Packers seem to have a Watson repellent throwing the ball in Jordan Love. It’s been a horrible situation that has bled out a lot of the value from Watson. How long can the Packers sustain that before making a change under center? Can dynasty managers count on the receiver or stake a claim on someone else?


Dalton Schultz: Tight End – Houston Texans

While with the Dallas Cowboys, Dalton Schultz’s fantasy and dynasty value was alive and kicking. He was seeing over 80 targets a season. He signed with the Houston Texans and his values died. He is on life support with a few good weeks but with the other Texans receivers coming alive they could suck the rest of the life out og Schultz’s value. He could end up ghosting dynasty managers next year. Maybe Dynasty managers should look for someone with more life to put into their lineup. 


Jake Ferguson: Tight End – Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had some great years using their tight end with Dalton Schultz but with him leaving they have been frankensteining together that position with the likes of Jake Ferguson, Peyton Hendershot, and Luke Schoonmaker. The Cowboys were heavily linked to Dalton Kincaid in the draft and many believed if the Bills did not trade up he would be wearing a star helmet. It’s a sign they haven’t found their future yet and might still be looking. Can Ferguson keep his role or will fantasy managers be gathering their pitchforks to remove him from their team next year? 


Kyle Pitts: Tight End – Atlanta Falcons

When Kyle Pitts came into the NFL he looked like he was magic at the tight end position. Even though he only scored once his 1000 yards had fantasy managers awestruck at what he could do. Now it seems that head coach Arthur Smith has put a curse on all those who have Pitts on their roster. He’s too talented to sit or drop but not producing enough to be counted on week to week. Fantasy managers are left wondering if this curse will be lifted or if they will continue to second-guess him every week


Justin Fields: Quarterback – Chicago Bears

Well, know that rushing quarterbacks can be a cheat code for fantasy football. Dynasty managers thought they had found their own version of that in Justin Fields. Yet now 3 years into his rookie deal Fields’ outlook is looking like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When he is on he has top 3 potential and often hits there. When he is off he is not even startable in super flex leagues. With the Chicago Bears having to decide what the future holds for both the quarterback and coaching staff, fantasy managers have to be worried they see more bad than good. 


Kyren Williams: Running Back – Los Angeles Rams

Remember back in the day when Todd Gurley was the workhorse back for the Los Angeles Rams and you could count on him for your fantasy lineup? Since then the Rams have rotated backs trying to find the guy who not only gets the system but also can carry the workload. It seems that this year it is Kyren Williams is finally the beast they are looking for. The scary part is that since his transformation there has always been a lingering sense that the Rams could change at any moment. Currently, Williams is dealing with an injury that has opened the door for others to step into the moonlight. Fantasy managers could be howling if the full moon sets on Williams and he reverts back to just being a guy versus the beast he can be. 


Khalil Herbert: Running Back – Chicago Bears

When the Bears drafted Khalil Herbert the writing was on the wall that he would eventually take over from David Montgomery. Enter the 2023 free agency season and Herbert looked locked into a workhorse role. The Draft became the Grim Reaper for Herbert’s role and fantasy value. The drafting of Roschon Johnson was a striking blow. It’s Week 8 and Roschon is poised to take over. What does Herbert’s workload look like once he is healthy? Has his fantasy value already been laid to rest? It’s a question dynasty managers have to ask. 


Gabe Davis: Wide Receiver – Buffalo Bills

2021 Gabe Davis was a popular breakout candidate after posting some crazy touchdown numbers in some boom-type games. He went on to disappoint people expecting those numbers to continue despite still having a good year. 2023 has seen Davis still be good but leave dynasty managers wanting at times with his production. Looking forward, Davis is finishing up his current deal. He could become the headless horseman winding up on a team with no direction and a less-than-capable quarterback. He could also become the fearsome night rider who strikes fear in the hearts of your opponents. It’s a scary proposition for dynasty managers. 



Dynasty managers need to weigh how much risk they are willing to take with these players and what the possible reward could be. There may be value found in a trade and let another owner carry the burden while you add some younger more secure pieces.