April 24, 2024

Rookie Spotlight: DeWayne McBride

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Rookie Spotlight: DeWayne McBride

By Cody Folden


Another rookie spotlight, another workhorse running back. I think DeWayne McBride fits the term with 233 carries for 1713 yards and 19TDs. A 3-year player out of UAB, 2 out of the 3 had 200 plus carries and 32 TDs in those two years. An absolute stallion, standing at 5’10” and 209 pounds and sitting at 5th in the NCAA in touchdowns in 2022, he also had 9 straight games of over 100 yards rushing. Even better than that, he had 10 out of 11 games he played in over 120 yards. 





As stated above, the stats don't lie. Like a previous rookie spotlight in Chase Brown, McBride is actually more physical than Brown and his feet are significantly better. His feet do not die while getting hit. He absolutely runs through people when he gets the chance too. He could definitely be a goal-line vulture in the NFL.




There are multiple occasions on film where the backfield is full of defenders and McBride has the ability to plant, break, and negate negative yards. His plant foot is one of the best in class and there are multiple times when his body is east-west yet running north-south. His balance to shake off wimpy tacklers is something you want to see out of every back. 





In the backfield, his pass blocking is subpar. While he attempts he is late multiple times to get into the correct positions and it is the only place on the field where he isn't in full control.


Pass Catcher


This one definitely could be the scheme and where he played. In total for his career, McBride caught 5 catches for 29 yards. There isn’t much there to show on tape, he needs to have a good workout for scouts since he also missed his pro day with an injury. I think his hands are pretty good, it was just scheme fit that didn't showcase it. 




He did have a problem with fumbles. He is a little loose with the ball when he wants to gain more yards. You can tell he knew it was an issue and was affecting him a little mentally too by watching his hands. He switched the ball while running multiple times to cover it up better. 

Player Comparisons: Devontae Booker


I see a lot of the same traits in McBride as I saw in Devontae Booker coming out. Workhorse back, and knows how to turn plays into big runs. A big problem Booker had coming into the league was the Broncos didn't ever fully believe in him, and Booker thought he could be more than what was his role. If McBride gets into a system and gets him to buy in to what they want to do, they will be getting a productive player. 


Favorite Game


He had a lot of big games this year. As stated above he had many games above 120 yards. Yet, my favorite game was against LSU where, statistically, it was his worst. 13 carries, 34 yards, and a touchdown. Not very impressive but it was evident he was the best running back on the field for both teams. His line did not hold up going up against LSU’s SEC defensive front and UAB could not get anything going.  When they got the opportunity he showed his balance and skills to get around defenders every chance he got. His touchdown run was early in the game and hits the hole, and breaks wimpy tacklers during it. 


Best Fits


New Orleans Saints

With not a lot of draft capital and a potential Alvin Kamara suspension, DeWayne McBride could be a great fit here. Even without the suspension, he is the back the Saints have been missing since Mark Ingram’s first stint with Kamara. He can take a few games and be the lead back for you but can also complement well with the dynamic running ability of Kamara. 


Cleveland Browns

For many of the same reasons as the Saints, the Browns need to find a replacement for Kareem Hunt, as of the time I write this, Hunt hasn't resigned and I don't think he will in Cleveland. McBride can pass catch and will fill the role of Hunt well.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rachaad White is a good back. They will probably give him the opportunity to be the RB1 on that team. Leonard Fournette has run his course with Tampa Bay, they need a guy that when it's 3rd and 2, can convert it on the regular. DeWayne McBride can do that for you. 


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