April 13, 2024

Rookie Spotlight 2024: Xavier Worthy

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Rookie Spotlight: Xavier Worthy

By Cody Folden


Texas Longhorns had a plethora of talent coming out in the draft this year and Xavier Worthy was supposed to be just the “burner” coming out. Although he did just break the 40-yard dash record at the combine only a few hours ago. Xavier Worthy was also the WR1 on this high-octane offense of the Longhorns. His season stats were 75 catches, 1014 yards, and 5 touchdowns. 

With his teammates Ja’Tavion Sanders, Adonai Mitchell, and Johnathon Brooks. Xavier Worthy is another fun guy to watch at the combine. Here's why:

  • Junior
  • Wide Receiver
  • Texas Longhorns
  • 6ft 1in 172 lbs
  • 4.21 40-yard dash (Combine Record)



Other than his speed, he also has fantastic and explosive bursts off of the line of scrimmage. What stands out the most is how he does not run out of the play like others who have this type of speed. He has good body control in his route running and breaks. With these qualities, a huge quality that it showcases is how it complements his teammates. He is either going to have the fastest guy on defense or be double-teamed, freeing up the other weapons on the field.



With only coming in at 170 lbs, weight is usually skewed at the combine. His slim frame will be a detriment to him if he can’t stay healthy. Though phenomenal in man-to-man, he will need to improve against zone coverage. With corners only getting bigger, he may only be used as the Swiss army knife and not a true outside wide receiver. However, in this NFL, that doesn’t matter as much.



Desean Jackson

Desean Jackson was 5ft 10in and 175 pounds but was the exact guy we hope Worthy will be in the NFL. Worthy has already been that in college so he should translate well in his role. In Jackson's career, his shortest “longest” touchdown catch in a season was 41 yards. This means there are 14 years of data showing that when he blows the top off the defense and the quarterback gets him the ball magic happens. 

We hope every fast receiver can be Desean Jackson, and Xavier Worthy fits that bill. Worthy even field punts like Jackson did, their skill sets are too closely aligned for me to pick anyone else.






They have their true number 1 WR in CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks possibly being a cap casualty. Michael Gallup is either WR2 or 3 this upcoming year and they need a guy like Xavier Worthy to take the top off. Dak Prescott could benefit from having a receiver with Worthy’s skill set in his wide receiver corps.




If Calvin Ridley comes back to the Jaguars I really like Worthy here with Ridley and Kirk. Zay Jones has been this guy in the past and even if he is on the team next year Xavier Worthy will be a younger, faster, and cheaper option. Trevor Lawrence needs to succeed this year and more weapons are never a bad thing. 



Treylon Burks and DeAndre Hopkins are good receivers. They don’t have that breakaway speed you want in a receiver that you need to just throw up the go route too. Worthy has that and then some, and the Titans have a quarterback in Will Levis who can get him the ball and the confidence to throw it his way. 



Xavier Worthy is a guy who is going no later than the early second in rookie drafts and for good reason. With his speed and explosiveness, there is probably no running back I would take before him. He only improved his draft stock at the combine. He did not do any other receiving drills other than the 40-yard dash but he didn’t need to. 

His film does the talking for him. Expect Worthy to be a WR2 or 3 on a team this season but he will definitely be rosterable and possibly even a flex play. I see him being in a Rashid Shaheed type of role. Some weeks he could give you 3 catches for 10 yards, and others he could be the WR1 with 3 catches for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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