July 20, 2024

Rookie Spotlight 2024: Audric Estime

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Rookie Spotlight: Audric Estime

By Cody Folden



Notre Dame churns out top-notch prospects. Students flock there for recognition and job prospects. People come to Notre Dame for two reasons. They want a notoriety in their degree or to embrace the sports legacy. One standout product is Audric Estime.

The real question is: are big running backs making a comeback? Players like MarShawn Lloyd, Braelon Allen, and Kimani Vidal represent this trend. So does Audric Estime. Is the preference shifting back to larger running backs? Audric Estime offers insights supporting this notion.


Audric Estime


Let’s stay with the bruiser running back narrative for this. Estime bounces off wimpy tacklers and is efficient and patient in getting the most out of every run. This is mostly because of his vision. If he sees a hole, he will hit it and make the most out of each opportunity.


 Averaging over 110 yards per game in a season also helps your draft stock. Notre Dame is independent and has always wanted to be a top college football team in the country. They schedule tough games every year. Every game this year he had 13 or more carries, which is 11 out of 12, and he gained over 70 yards for the Irish.


He has shown he can catch, with 26 career catches. But, if he wants to stick, he needs to show he is reliable on screens and become a much better blocker. He can see blitzes and pressures. But, he doesn’t set his feet well enough to gain leverage and move them away from the quarterback.





With similar body types and running styles, Audric Estime resembles Frank Gore. The three-down back role might be less common in the NFL today. Estime may not require 25 carries like Gore did. If Estime stays healthy and elongates his career, he could have a career similar to Gore’s. Gore was known for his hard work, not flashiness. A dependable player you can count on. That’s Audric Estime.





In this situation, Derrick Henry’s a free agent. They require a younger player for the power-back role. Perhaps not as dominant as Henry, but able to share duties. This way, Tyjae Spears can excel in his role. It seems like they’d make a good pair.




They need another guy in the backfield. Rachaad White is one of those backs you want to protect. He can do the 3 down work, and do it efficiently. He has become reliable for the Buccaneers. So, they need to bring in another running back to be like Spears, and let him be who he is. White is better in space and tosses. He can do the inline work, but they need to keep White as an asset. Bringing his carries down means another contract signed for White. Estime could be the guy they could rely on to give White a breather. 



This Kenneth Gainwell, Rashaad Penny, and Boston Scott narrative needs to stop.  Estime does what the other three backs can do. Save roster space, and go with Audric Estime. With D’Andre Swift enering free agency, Philly needs a reliable runner. Adding Estime could also relieve Jalen Hurts from over usage on short downs and goal line plays. 



The scouting combine will help Estime. It’s combine week, revealing his performance in drills. I’ll focus on his three-cone drill for explosiveness. Observing his speed in receiving drills is crucial. Can he catch well? Estime may go 3rd or 12th in the draft. Estimated draft range: 2nd round to 7th.

Teams have definitely moved to making more space and having dynamic systems. Estime may not be the strongest or fastest but he can do what he asked to do. Like a lot of the running backs in this draft. 

He will be a complementary back, and right now I put him in round 2 for rookie drafts. This can obviously change with draft capital and scheme. Round 2 is where the consensus will be. I will not be surprised if he ends up going in the late first round. I will also not be surprised if he slips to the early third.