• Sat. May 27th, 2023

Potential Trade Targets to win your league

Potential trade targets to win your league

by Alex French

It’s been a long day. Dinner is cleaned up, and you’re just settling into your favorite spot. You just poured your favorite beverage of choice, and your phone gives you an alert. It’s a new trade proposal from a league mate. It’s time to put that GM cap on. Here’s a few players that you should target to help you get an advantage over your league headed into the 2020 season.

Let’s start at quarterback.

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Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. Still just 24 years old, Watson has shown elite upside. He has flashed league winning upside with top 10 finishes each of the last 2 seasons. He has been able to do this without throwing more than 505 pass attempts in a season. He had  just lost his security blanket in one of the top receivers in the game in DeAndre Hopkins, but I think Watson is up for the challenge. Watson is out to prove himself, and that his name belongs in the conversation with Rodgers and Brees. I believe Watson has a career high in pass attempts, and with his mobility, he could also be forced to run more. Best of all, your league members are likely down on him since his receiving corps has been retooled.Start your offer with a 3rd round rookie pick and maybe a Jordan Howard tier player, and see what happens.

Next, let's move to Receiver.

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Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys. Okay Okay. I know its not the sexy pick, but hear me out. Many people don’t realize the year Gallup put together last year. In just 14 games played, Gallup had 66 receptions for 1107 yards and 6 touchdowns. Amari Cooper played in 2 more games and only saw 7 more targets. With Witten headed to Las Vegas, and Randall Cobb moving to Houston with aforementioned Watson, There is more than 160 targets up for grabs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the talent CeeDee Lamb brings, but with a potentially abbreviated off season and Gallup entering his 3rd year in the league, I think he’s poised for an excellent season. In one of my leagues, I got him for Ronald Jones. Oh yea, did I mention I also got the 19th pick in our rookie draft with him?

Let's stick with Wide Receiver:

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DJ Moore, Carolina Panthers. He should have a huge  year.I know this is a popular take, but Moore commanded 135 targets last season from inefficient QB play. Give him one of the most accurate short area QBs in the league, and I love the upside. As for his trade value, it may be high, but some players are worth paying up for. At just 23 years old, he can be a staple in your lineup for years to come.My last guy to go after is an RB who disappointed for most people last year.


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Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints. Kamara came out after the season and said he wasn’t healthy most of the year. It showed in his game logs. He has since said he feels 100 percent again. Everyone says that right? Well here’s a statistic for you, in the 2018 season, the Saints had 33 rush attempts inside the 5 yard line. In the 2019 season, they had just 13. I think that number equalizes a bit in 2020. Last season, I traded Dalvin Cook for Kamara. With a holdout looming for Cook, I’m liking that move. That being said, Kamara shouldn’t be too pricey given his performance last year.

These are just a few names I like. Some other players you could target are Curtis Samuel for similar reasons as DJ Moore. I like Paris Campbell as a flyer as the starting slot receiver in an upgraded Colts offense that added Philip Rivers at QB. Speaking of QB, Carson Wentz is the only quarterback that finished in the top 12 that threw at least one TD pass in every game. I hope this article helps get the fantasy juices flowing and gives you some ideas to get the ball rolling on some trades. You can follow me on twitter @TheBlindGuyFF