June 21, 2024

2024 NFL Draft: Wide Receivers Stock Report 1.0

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January 15 has come and gone, and so has the NFL Draft declaration deadline along with it. In an attempt to help you keep up with the ever changing NFL Draft landscape over the next few months, I’ll be updating the “Stock Report” after various important timeframes: 


1.0 Declaration Declaration Deadline

2.0 NFL Draft Combine

3.0 College Pro Days

4.0 Post NFL Draft


The “Stock Report” is NOT a definitive ranking system, but rather a way to explain how to value the players grouped below. These wide receivers are listed in alphabetical order by last name within their groupings.

NFL Draft



NFL Draft Declaration Stock Report


Blue-Chip Stock

A blue chip refers to some of the highest quality stock on the market. These wide receivers are the “Elite” group in the 2024 NFL Draft class.


Tier A

Marvin Harrison Jr 

MHJ is in a tier of his own. He will be a top five dynasty wide receiver the moment he is drafted into the NFL.


Tier B

Keon Coleman

Coleman has the ideal build for an outside receiver. I get big time AJ Green vibes when watching him. His speed/size combo makes him a matchup nightmare.

Troy Franklin

Franklin is likely a top-20 draft pick and an elite deep threat with high end route running ability. 


Malik Nabers

Nabers would be the WR1 in most draft classes. This year, he will have to work for the WR2 spot. He may be the best route runner in the draft and has elite playmaking skills.

Rome Odunze

Odunze has tremendous, prototypical size. At 6’3 and 210 lbs, Odunze has great short area agility and change of direction for his size and can dominate with his physical style of play.

Income Stocks

Income stocks are stocks that offer regular and steady income over a period of time with low exposure to risk. Income stocks usually offer a high yield. These wide receivers are not in the “Elite” group, but they should provide plenty of production.

Adonai Mitchell

Mitchell wins with his straight line speed and double moves. He could be a bit more aggressive and physical when playing the ball. 

Brian Thomas Jr

Thomas is very explosive and fast with good body control. He has tremendous playmaking ability, but he needs to play with more physicality.

Xavier Worthy

Worthy is a burner. His speed would make him the primary deep threat for whatever team drafts him in April. Drops and his slight frame are the main concerns.

Defensive Stocks

A defensive stock is a stock that provides consistent and stable earnings. These wide receivers are currently undervalued and have greater potential than their current prices.

Malachi Corley

Corley doesn’t have top end speed, but his versatility makes him a valuable asset. He likely won’t be taken until the end of the 2nd round or early 3rd in the NFL Draft, but he will be a playmaker. Think Deebo Samuel type potential.

Jacob Cowing

A dynamic route-runner, Jacob Cowing possesses good explosion and separation skills out of the slot. He will need to decrease his drop rate, but Cowing could be a Day 3 steal.

Hayden Hatten

A relatively unknown draft prospect out of Idaho, Hayden Hatten is one to keep an eye on throughout the draft process. He has very good body control, hands, and size…all of which the NFL values, as the ability to make tough catches is extremely valuable.

Ladd McConkey

Slippery and tough to tackle in tight spaces, Ladd McConkey is a prototypical NFL slot receiver. He isn’t a fluid route runner, but he is a competitor and is willing to work the middle of the field.

Ricky Pearsall

A zone killer, Ricky Pearsall knows how to find the soft spots. He becomes an easy target for his QB with his ability to sit in uncovered areas. His lack of explosion could hurt him, but he has tremendous hands, only accumulating six drops during his collegiate career.

Isaiah Williams

Nearly identical to Jacob Cowing, Isaiah Williams is a dynamic, YAC machine. He is explosive and elusive and can make defenders look silly in the open field. He will need to improve on attacking the ball in order to become more of a deep threat.

Roman Wilson

More straightline fast than elusive with the ball, Roman Wilson is a chain mover. He is tough and strong handed, but will need to be featured on short and intermediate routes at the next level.

Non-Cyclical Stocks

Non-cyclical stocks are from which people will continue to consume their products even during an economic downturn. These wide receivers have traits that make them valuable, no matter their landing spots. They are currently just below the top-tier wide receiver group. 

Xavier Legette

A bully with the ball, Xavier Legette is a physical freak with YAC ability. His monster frame and above average long speed makes him a legit intermediate and deep threat. He likely won’t beat man coverage at the line, but can further down field. 

Jalen McMillan

McMillan is an elite route runner and good at identifying coverages. He knows when to break his route with crispness to beat zone coverage and how to shake man defenders with his quickness. One of the most fluid WRs in the 2024 draft, Jalen McMillan is likely a late 2nd to early 3rd round pick. 

Ja’Lynn Polk

While not an elite separator, Ja’Lynn Polk is highly proficient with making contested catches. He has excellent hands, which enable him to make the tough 50/50 plays. 

Devontez Walker

NFL teams love strong WRs with legitimate speed, and Tez Walker has those. Not a special route runner, Walker can still run deep and track the ball with the best of them. He is also strong enough to bully defenders in space. 

Brenden Rice

Pedigree. Being Jerry Rice’s son and a top WR from an elite program will get Brenden Rice drafted in the 2nd-3rd round. He does have high quality speed and adequate hands and could end up a decent rotational option for the right team. He also has solid body control, but never was a volume receiver at USC. 

Other NFL Draft Declaration Stocks

Cyclical Stocks

A cyclical stock typically moves up or down depending on the upward or downward movement. These wide receivers’ value will be determined on their landing spot and surrounding depth chart.

Jermaine Burton

Joshua Cephus

Jamari Thrash

Devaughn Vele

Jordan Whittington

Johnny Wilson


Value Stocks

A value stock refers to shares that appear to trade at a lower price relative to its fundamentals. These wide receivers have potential value, but are currently below the mid-tier wide receivers in value.

Jalon Calhoun

Cornellius Johnson

Jeshaun Jones

Ainias Smith

Tahj Washington

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are shares that trade for a relatively low price. These wide receivers currently have the lowest value.

Javon Antonio

Javon Baker

Anthony Gould

Malik Washington

Tayvion Robinson

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint



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