April 13, 2024

NFL ALL DAY: Using your Moments in Playbooks

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NFL ALL DAY: Using Your Moments in Playbooks

By Andrew Hall



Playbooks on NFL ALL DAY are one of the most common ways to utilize the moments in your collection. They can be found by clicking the icon at the top right with the Xs and Os or by going to the Play tab on the site. With Playbooks, you submit your owned moments to receive yards toward an overall goal. Each challenge has specific requirements and some of them may require you to buy new moments on the Marketplace. Let's break it down.


Earning Yards Through Various Challenges

Each Playbook contains multiple challenges that reward you with a different amount of yards each. Some just require you to submit your favorite moment from a specific position or a team. Those may only be worth 5 or 10 yards. Others may require that you submit a rare moment from a specific team with a specific badge. Those may be worth 15 or 20 yards.

Some Playbooks offer bonus rewards for users that have completed sets. Just like physical card collecting, there is a base set for each series and a few subsets, often with lower mint counts. These challenges may require you to submit a larger number of moments in order to earn more yards. The main idea of these challenges is to reward users for collecting moments that they love throughout the season.

Each playbook is different although they can often be pretty similar from week to week. During the offseason, the Playbooks will vary based on what's going on. For instance, there was a two-week Playbook during Super Bowl week. There was a one-week Playbook during the draft. During the season there's almost always a Playbook for each week of action in the NFL.

Challenge Rewards and Burning Moments

As you complete the separate challenges and get the yards that you've earned, you're rewarded with various things along the way. At the lower yardage totals the rewards are usually digital trophies or NFL ALL DAY banners. At higher levels or on tougher Playbooks you may be rewarded with a free pack or some Dapper credit as well.

Most Playbooks will have the best reward at the 100-yard mark. In many cases, this reward will also be a specific Mint-to-Completion moment. This means that they will only mint the number of moments as there are people that reach that goal. If only 50 people reach the goal, the moment will be a Legendary and be out of 50. If 5,000 reach that yardage, the reward will then be a Common moment. It all depends on how many get the yards.

For most Playbooks, in order to unlock these premium rewards, you will often be required to burn moments to unlock them. The functionality here is a little different than the submission mechanic. Within the challenges, submitting moments doesn't remove them from your collection, it's just a way of proving you own the moment in question. The action of burning moments is very different. If you burn a moment it's gone from the platform forever. Because of this, the site requires you to type "Burn" before doing so since this action can't be undone. Make sure you only type Burn if you're okay with losing the moment entirely.

Some Advice and Recommendations

For newer users, I recommend buying cheaper moments that you think might be useful in challenges that you enjoy as well. If you're debating between two moments, think about which one might have more value toward a Playbook. Are you looking at your fifth Cowboys moment or your first Broncos moment? Are you looking at a moment with 3 badges or one with none? Are you looking at a rare moment of a player you already have a common for or are you looking at adding an entirely new player to your collection?

Basically, if you want to participate in the Playbooks, you want to think of your collection in as many different ways as possible. Obviously, there's no way to know what the next Playbook is going to require, but the more versatile your collection is, the better your chances are of completing it.

Much like fantasy football, timing with regard to Playbooks is also very important. As soon as a new Playbook comes out, many moments will see a spike in value as users go to the Marketplace to scoop up moments they need to compete. You can then choose to follow the crowd and "buy into the Playbook" and spend more than you would have spent a week ago to participate. Or, if you have some of the moments needed already, you can instead pivot and "sell into the Playbook" to make a profit on the few moments you already have.

Offseason Playbook Example

Playbook Recap

Whatever way you decide to go, Playbooks are one of the most fun things to do with your collection of moments. They're a great way to reward collectors for collecting more moments and also introduce people to moments they may not have otherwise collected. The entire point is that Playbooks are one of the better ways to use your moments in your collection, which is something that collecting cardboard really can't do.


If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter at @AndrewHallFF or @AllDayBothWays and I'll be sure to help as much as I can. You can also find me on the NFL ALL DAY Discord as a member of the Welcome Committee under @AndrewHallFF as well. Now go have fun collecting!

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