July 23, 2024

Justin Fields traded to the Steelers: 3 Fantasy Questions

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Justin Fields has finally been traded. He leaves the Chicago Bears and joins the Pittsburgh Steelers. What are the fantasy impact of this trade?

The Chicago Bears finally traded away Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional draft pick. What was a widely held belief throughout the NFL was the departure of Justin Fields once they had secured the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. The 2024 draft has unprecedented depth at quarterback, with the potential of a franchise-changing pick in Caleb Williams. Let’s analyze the trade by answering 3 Fantasy Questions regarding the trade of Justin Fields.

Does this mean the Chicago Bears are drafting Caleb Wiliams?

By all accounts, yes. The Chicago Bears have cleared the way to draft a quarterback with the first overall pick, assuming that pick is Caleb Williams. Although Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels are favorites of many NFL teams, it has been projected for a long time that Caleb Williams is the best. A few days ago, I wrote an article on the trade of Keenan Allen to the Bears and speculated this could mean Fields staying with the Bears. Instead, it is now obvious that the Bears are making sure Caleb Williams has all the weapons to be successful.

Draft analysts and football insiders have compared Caleb Williams to Patrick Mahomes too many times. And would any NFL team, knowing what we know, pass on the chance to draft Patrick Mahomes? Nope. Every single Team in the NFL would take Patrick Mahomes. And this pick is no different. Although the Bears may have considered a bunch of permutations regarding their multiple first-round picks and current roster, moving on from Justin Fields and drafting Caleb Williams is the safest of those options. 

Does this mean the end of Justin Fields as a fantasy asset?

It is being reported that Justin Fields is moving to Pittsburgh as the presumed backup to Russell Wilson. And that is not a bad thing for Justin Fields. All too often, players are brought in and expected to step in as the day-one starter without having experienced the speed or talent of the NFL. This move will allow Fields to learn from a veteran quarterback who has been to the Super Bowl twice and has won once. With the current construction of his contract, Russell Wilson is only guaranteed to be with the Steelers for one year. That gives Fields a year to recalibrate and prepare to take over the Steelers as early as 2025.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers have a few packages in which Fields takes the field, where the play action with Najee Harris /Jaylen Warren could give opposing teams fits. Or, if something terrible happens to Wilson, the Steelers have a viable option to take over. Last year, the Steelers tried everything to get something out of their quarterbacks. With Wilson and Fields, the Steelers have turned their 2023 weakness into 2024’s strength.

What should we do with Justin Field’s shares in Dynasty?

This is a difficult question to answer. I will provide some insight based on your current team construction.

Current Team is in Win-Now Mode: Justin Fields will be a tough hold for a team set to compete in 2024. Yes, Fields has value if something were to happen to Wilson, but if he is healthy, Fields sitting on your bench is useless. In this scenario, send some feelers to teams unable to win this year. I may package Fields with another young player to see if you can secure a low-end quarterback to provide your team depth. I would look at Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, or Matt Stafford-level players. Again, this scenario is based on a team looking to win NOW. I don’t advise acquiring Matt Stafford or Baker Mayfield for a team that is not primed for a championship.

The current Team is looking toward the future: Keep Justin Fields! Do not trade him. Be prepared to be lowballed by a bunch of owners in your League trying to add a talented player at a bargain price. In this scenario, you need to show patience. Even if your Team gets close to the playoffs, don’t abandon Fields.  There is plenty of value with Fields landing in Pittsburgh. Hold the fort!

Your League has an obvious Steelers Fan: This scenario will be tricky to navigate. One, this manager is “stoked” the Steelers just got Justin Fields. And you may get a lot of value by trading Fields with this manager. However, this manager may also know his Team well, and the negotiations may be challenging based on the knowledge of the offense, fit, and scheme. Don’t be fooled. This manager is your ideal manager to make a deal with, So be aware of a savvy manager using that knowledge to get Fields at a reduced cost. Stroke that Pittsburgh-ego and make Fields the player he has to acquire for his fantasy team.


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