July 23, 2024

Josh Jacobs Signing: 3 Fantasy Impact

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Josh Jacobs has signed with the Green Bay Packers. How does this signing impact your fantasy football team?

The first day of NFL free agency did not disappoint. Running back Josh Jacobs shocked everyone by signing with the Green Bay Packers. It’s a shocking move with Aaron Jones still on the roster. It’s a move for an ascending young roster that is looking to compete in a very competitive NFC North. A consistent running back was one of the issues last season but no one expected this massive of a move. This now gives quarterback Jordan Love another weapon. The Packers did release veteran offensive lineman David Bakhtiari which sounds like a big blow but he only played in one game last season. How does Jacobs in green and gold impact the rest of the team for fantasy football? Let’s take a look.


Aaron Jones fading

It’s no secret that the Packers have been trying to re-negotiate Aaron Jones’s contract but Jones was not having it. With a $17 million cap hit but only a $12 million dead cap if he is cut or traded before June 1 it makes Jones an interesting piece on the board. With Josh Jacobs coming to town, this could be the end of Jones’s tenure in Green Bay. Jacobs has been more consistent and more productive than Jones over the past few seasons. Jacobs is also only 26 which is three years younger than Jones. With A.J. Dillon already on the free agent market, the Packers could move Jones. Josh Jacobs was one of the key running backs looking for a home and now teams who missed out on him, Tony Pollard or D’Andre Swift might see Jones as the best option. If Jones does re-work his contract and stays with the Packers its a massive hit. Dillon was able to steal 178 carries from Jones last year which was in part due to Jones’s injuries but Jacobs will command more. In 2022 Jones had 213 rushing attempts and Dillon had 186. Now with a better passing attack and Josh Jacobs in the fold Aaron Jones could end up with under 200 carries. It’s a massive blow to his value right now. Even if he goes elsewhere his age and injury history will make his fantasy value continue to dip.


Saquon Barkley benefits

Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs were the two big names running backs in the market. With Josh Jacobs going to the Packers which wasn’t on the list of potential teams means Barkley has a ton of leverage. Barkley was able to pick his spot and is now a Philadelphia Eagle. Barkley has languished on a bad New York Giants offense but has seen a ton of volume. It has taken its toll on his body with multiple years of missed games. Getting Barkley on a better offense and an offense that will have drives extended and not overutilized Barkley will help his value grow. The Eagles are that team for Barkley. Josh Jacobs helped out his fellow running back by not taking one of the prime landing spots.


Jordan Love ascension continues

What Jordan Love was able to do last year was a surprise to most. After sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for three years we got to see what Jordan Love is. And what he is was pretty darn good. The Packers have spent plenty of draft capital on pass-catching weapons and now give him a solid rusher. This should take some pressure off of Love and allow him to not force throws or feel the pressure of carrying the team on his shoulders. Josh Jacobs coming in gives them a better goal-line back. A.J. Dillon was the goal line back but was ineffective. At 223 lbs Josh Jacobs should be able to punch in those goal-line carries and fix some of the red zone woes that the Packers and Jordan Love had. Josh Jacobs is also a solid pass father which will add another weapon to Love’s arsenal. Jordan Love should repeat and possibly increase his 2023 fantasy production. Love had 11 interceptions and 30 sacks with nine fumbles. If those numbers come down he will be a huge value for fantasy managers in 2024.


Jordan Love continues to ascend to the top tier

Aaron Jones looks to be closer to done 

Saquon Barkley got to pick his spot. 


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