July 20, 2024

The NFL Draft season is upon us, and every analyst makes their best guess at which team will draft which player. I am no different. I love this time of year and enjoy all the projections, speculation, and intrigue.  I sat down to do a Mock Draft to see how the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft might play out. During this mock draft, I used the PFF simulator to make trades.

I made each trade to reward the team dropping down, because that is what it will take for a team to move up. Teams looking to move up must “overpay” for that right. I anticipate a lot of movement in the 2024 NFL Draft, and I did my best to replicate what I feel could happen on draft night.

Here is my first crack at what will occur on draft night in Goody’s Mock Draft 1.0.

2024 NFL Mock Draft, 1.0

1.01 Chicago Bears (via Carolina)

Caleb Williams, QB, USC

At this point, Jayden Daniels may have more upside and could be the better talent. However, I don’t believe the hype after the Bears traded Justin Fields. The Bears make the right call and draft the most pro-ready player.

1.02 Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

Many will argue that Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy could have a higher floor than Daniels. And they may be correct, but the Commanders, with new ownership, don’t want to play it safe — they want to play to win. Daniels gives the Commanders the chance to reach the highest ceiling.

1.03 New England Patriots

Drake Maye, QB, UNC

This selection was the first part of the draft in which I contemplated a team trading up. I hear about the “Patriot Way,” but I don’t see this team being what they were ten years ago. Instead, they make the safe pick, select Drake Maye, and rest easy.

Trade Alert: The Arizona Cardinals have traded pick 1.04 to the Minnesota Vikings for picks 11, 23 (CLV), and 108 

1.04 Minnesota Vikings

J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

The Minnesota Vikings make the move to select their next franchise quarterback. The Vikings entered this offseason believing that Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson would create the foundation for building this team. Instead, they move up to take the fastest-rising player in the draft and hope that McCarthy and Jefferson can be that foundation.

1.05 Los Angeles Chargers

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

He is the first non-quarterback to be selected, and I’m sure Jim Harbaugh is ecstatic he no longer has to gameplan against Harrison and can now find ways to utilize his immense talents. Harrison may be the best player in this draft and is the hope to usher in the new era in LA.

Trade Alert: The New York Giants trade pick 1.06 to the New Orleans Saints for picks 14, 45 (DEN), and 150

1.06 New Orleans Saints

Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

With the top quarterbacks off the board, the Giants do the sensible thing: drop back and acquire more assets. The New Orleans Saints moved up to keep Malik Nabers close to home and pair him with Chris Olave. This Saints team made a gutsy call to improve their team, which should pay dividends for years to come.

1.07 Tennessee Titans

Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame

Will Levis needs time to make his reads before getting the ball to Calvin Ridley, DeAndre Hopkins, and Treylon Burks? The Titans will assemble a formidable offense by securing an elite tackle by protecting its most important player.

1.08 Atlanta Falcons

Dallas Turner, ED, Alabama

With the offense finally securing its quarterback in free agency, the Falcons can take a player who will contribute immediately. Turner still has room to grow, but the Falcons get a player ready to cause havoc in the NFC South.

Trade Alert: The Chicago Bears trade pick 1.09 to the NYG for picks 14 and 70

1.09 New York Giants

Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

Many think the Bears will take Odunze themselves, and they may do that. However, this is an opportunity for the Bears to stock themselves with draft capital that is too good to give up. The New York Giants traded out of the 6th pick and jumped back up to grab the draft’s third-best receiver, Rome Odunze. For now, the Giants have decided to build around Daniel Jones.

1.10 New York Jets

Taliese Fuaga, OT, Oregon State

If the Jets are serious about keeping Aaron Rodgers healthy, they must protect him. Fuaga can play tackle or guard, so the Jets must figure out how best to use him. His traits as a lineman will make him a cornerstone of the Jets’ offensive line for years.

1.11 Arizona Cardinals

Brian Thomas, WR, LSU

By dropping eight picks, the Cardinals still get an elite receiver and add an extra first-round pick to improve the roster. This is a Cardinals team that has holes on both sides of the ball, and this pick begins to solidify the future.

Trade Alert: The Denver Broncos trade pick 1.12 to the Pittsburgh Steelers for picks 20, 51, and a 2025 2nd-round pick

1.12 Pittsburgh Steelers

Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State

The Pittsburgh Steelers pay a ransom to move up but keep the in-state product to solidify an offensive line that keeps Russell Wilson safe. Fashanu is a younger prospect who will fit perfectly into the Steeler’s culture.

1.13 Las Vegas Raiders

Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

The Raiders stay put and grab the draft’s top cornerback. His recovery time and speed will assist him well as he acclimates to the skill level of the NFL. Many corners in this draft will never be lockdown corners; Mitchell has those qualities.

Trade Alert: The Chicago Bears trade pick 14 (and pick 122) to the Green Bay Packers for picks 25, 41 (NYJ), and 91 (BUF)

1.14 Green Bay Packers

Troy Fautanu, OT, Washington

The Green Bay Packers move up in front of a few teams projected to draft an offensive lineman to secure Troy Fautanu. Although many project Fautanu to slide to guard in the NFL, the Packers must try to protect Jordan Love.

1.15 Indianapolis Colts

Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

The Indianapolis Colts have two glaring needs entering the draft’s first round: wide receiver and cornerback. At this point, the value isn’t at the wide receiver position for the Colts, so they opt to secure one of the top cornerbacks in the draft. Arnold possessed elite athleticism and was tested in the SEC, covering the likes of Malik Nabers, Brian Thomas, and Ladd McConkey.

1.16 Seattle Seahawks

Jackson Powers-Johnson, C, Oregon

Whether the Seahawks use Powers-Johnson as a guard or center, his qualities as a lineman will translate in the NFL. I liken JPJ to Landon Dickerson (PHI). When Dickerson entered the NFL, he was presumed to be a center, but he was more than just that; Dickerson already has two Pro Bowls under his belt at guard. I think JPJ could be that player for the Seahawks.

1.17 Jacksonville Jaguars

Laiatu Latu, Edge, UCLA

The Jaguars were one of the teams that may move up in the draft to replace the departed Calvin Ridley. However, the Jaguars stay put in this iteration and select the versatile Latu. The AFC South (Stroud, Levis, Richardson) has become very competitive at quarterback, and teams must do everything they can to ensure they contain them. Latu has cleared many health concerns from two years ago and is an excellent addition to the other side of Josh Allen.

1.18 Cincinnati Bengals

Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

The Bengals are a very good team with few holes to fill. I was tempted to fill some inadequacies on the offensive line here, but the match of Bowers with Joe Burrow is too good to pass up. The draft is deeper on the offensive line than at tight end, and the Bengals finally get the middle-of-the-field spacer they (and Ja’Marr Chase) need.

Trade Alert: The Los Angeles Rams trade pick 19 to the Dallas Cowboys for picks 24 and 56.

1.19 Dallas Cowboys

JC Latham, OT, Alabama

With Tyron Smith departing Dallas, the Cowboys find themselves at a point in the draft where they can move up and secure one of the best in JC Latham. Latham is big, strong, and athletic, and the Cowboys are ecstatic to move up and grab him at this point in the draft.

1.20 Denver Broncos

Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington

Having moved down eight spots and acquired multiple draft picks, the Broncos can now select Penix Jr as their future under center. Penix has overcome injuries in his short career but has always found a way to succeed. The arm talent is plentiful for Penix; the Broncos hope some other parts of his game follow suit.

1.21 Miami Dolphins

Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia

Miami thrives on its running game and Tua Tagovailoa’s health. With this pick, the Dolphins help fortify both of those things. Mims is a long, agile prospect who will do well as time progresses. At this point in the draft, the Dolphins secure a Pro Bowl-level talent in Mims.

1.22 Philadelphia Eagles

Cooper DeJean, CB, Iowa

The Eagles grab a player at this spot that can help in various situations. James Bradberry was a shell of his former self in 2023. DeJean can compete at cornerback immediately and even shift to safety if needed. 

1.23 Arizona Cardinals

Graham Barton, G/C, Duke

By trading down, the Cardinals use their second-round pick on the versatile Barton. Like Jackson Powers-Johnson, Barton is not limited to playing one position on the line. The Cardinals need help, and Barton will fill at least one of those holes along the offensive line.

1.24 Los Angeles Rams

Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma

The Rams drop six spots and still get a top-tier offensive lineman in Tyler Guyton. Guyton is becoming a priority target for many teams as his footwork and athleticism are rare. And having only played the position for a few years, many teams feel his shortcomings can be minimized with coaching. At this spot, it was hard to pass up on another player here (see below)

1.25 Chicago Bears

Jer’Zhan Newton, DL, Illinois

Dropping down a few times, the Bears secure one of the top defensive line prospects in the draft. I am not a huge fan of throwing around comps, but it is hard to watch Newton’s tape and not think of Aaron Donald. In my mock, the Rams may regret passing on Newton.

1.26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jared Verse, Edge, Florida State

Tampa Bay appeared a few times as a potential trade candidate; instead, stay put and land an elite pass-rush prospect. Verse is a hard worker and possesses a lot of power. Verse seems like the perfect fit for the Buccaneers.

1.27 Arizona Cardinals

Byron Murphy II, DL, Texas

In my mock, no team did more to improve itself on day one than the Cardinals. Murphy slid a bit in this mock due to the run of offensive linemen, but Murphy will do well in Arizona. After night one, the Cardinals added Brian Thomas Jr., Graham Barton, and Byron Murphy. This mock scenario would be a huge development for a team that needs an infusion of talent.

1.28 Buffalo Bills

Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson

After the trade that sent Stefon Diggs to the Texans, I seriously considered a receiver for the Bills at this spot. However, I prefer the value of cornerback at this spot. Xavier Worthy, Adonai Mitchell, Troy Franklin, and Ladd McConkey are viable options. Instead of the Bills drafting a player they aren’t excited about, they draft the cornerback, who becomes an instant starter. Wiggins can play both zone and man and is a freakishly good athlete. 

1.29 Detriot Lions

Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama

The Lions inherit taking McKinstry after the Bills take Wiggins. I also considered Chop Robinson or Darius Robinson for this spot. Instead, the Lions appreciate winning and see the Alabama prospect as perfect for their scheme and culture.

1.30 Baltimore Ravens

Demeioun “Chop” Robinson, Edge, Penn State

The Ravens were also a frequent option in “trade-up” scenarios to secure either a receiver or an offensive lineman. Neither scenario came to fruition, so they addressed the defense and added a player mistaken for Micah Parsons plenty of times on film. Not a perfect player, but at this point in the draft, they take Robinson with many upsides.

1.31 San Francisco 49ers

Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona

The San Francisco 49ers are a complete team on paper. With many top cornerbacks off the board, the 49ers take the fast-rising Morgan. There is a lot to like with Morgan, and the 49ers will coach the rest.

1.32 Kansas City Chiefs

Adonai Mitchell, WR, Texas

The Chiefs could also grab an offensive lineman here, but instead, I go with the receiver, especially with the possibility of Rashee Rice’s suspension. Mitchell is a player who wins. He had 14 touchdowns over his last two years in college. He is tall and will need to develop his ability to “high-point” a ball to cross into the elite range as a receiver.

There it is—my first official mock with trades. Agree? Disagree? For more of my content, follow me on X @JGoody77 or @DynastyProsFF.

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