April 13, 2024

Gardner Minshew Signing: 3 Fantasy Impacts

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Gardner Minshew signs with the Las Vegas Raiders. We break down the fantasy impact

The Las Vegas Raiders have a new head coach and now bring in possibly a new starting quarterback. Gardner Minshew signed a two-year deal with the Raiders. He will have a chance to start and will be competing with Aidan O’Connell in training camp. O’Connell had a decent finish to his rookie campaign and seems to no longer have the support of head coach Antonio Pierce. The Raiders are making moves that will have them competing in the AFC West. It will be a tough task having to play two games against both Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.


Keep Davante Adams

We know Davante Adams went to the Raiders to play with his friend and college teammate Derek Carr. That changed last year when Carr got cut and landed with the New Orleans Saints. Adams has been vocal about his displeasure with the way the team has been run and playing. Hopefully, now with Gardner Minshew possibly under center, Adams will be content. Does Minshew provide enough to keep Adams’ value? He sure does. If you look at what Michael Pittman did last year with mainly Gardner Minshew at quarterback, it wasn’t too far off of Adams’s pace. Adams had 1144 yards and eight touchdowns on 175 targets. Pittman had 1152 and four touchdowns on 156 targets. Pittman also missed a game, which would have put him slightly closer to Adams. Adams’s value should remain where it is no matter who is under center.


Michael Mayer breakout on pause?

After last year’s combine, there was talk that tight end Michael Mayer as the best prospect. Then, he landed on the Raiders; which seemed like a good spot with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. He was known as a passer who favored the tight end position. Things changed very quickly. Jimmy G was benched after getting hurt and Aidan O’Connell came in with a few starts from Brian Hoyer. Mayer never took off the way we expected him to. He only saw 40 targets through 14 games. As we headed into the offseason, there was hope that Mayer would become more of a focal point in the offense. Autin Hooper and his 31 targets are gone. There was hope that the Raiders might bring in a top guy or make a splash in the draft. With the signing of Gardner Minshew, it could put a major halt to the Mayer breakout. We have already seen that Mayer wasn’t a focal point of the offense, with O’Connell at the helm and Pierce calling plays. Minshew doesn’t change that. Minshew has never produced a high-end, fantasy-relevant tight end in any of the years he has been the primary starter. That’s just another bump on the hype train for Mayer. If you were buying him as a potential sleeper a few weeks ago you probably could get the same value now but I would be hesitant to buy him at cost right now.  According to the Dynasty Pros Trace Calculator Mayer is equal to a mid-second-round pick. I feel more comfortable with him as a third-round pick.


Jakobi Meyers has sneaky value

Last offseason, there was a lot of talk about the Raiders signing Jakobi Meyers from the New England Patriots. Meyers had the quietest WR2 season in NFL history. He has 106 targets, eight touchdowns, and 807 yards all at or near career numbers. Now we have the possibility of Gardner Minshew under the center. We have seen Minshew do well with the short to intermediate passes. That is where Meyers shines. Gardner Minshew doesn’t have the cannon of an arm like some quarterbacks, and despite his off-the-field moxy on the field, he is very efficient and smart with football. Given the unheralded year Meyers had and the skill set of Gardner Minshew, I think there is a ton of sleeper value. Meyer is being drafted as a bye-week filler but will be a weekly WR3 on your fantasy team at worst.


Adams values stays the same

Michael Mayer may NOT break out

Jakobi Meyers is a great value


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