June 13, 2024

Fantasy Therapy: Session Two

5 min read

The Doctor is in. We get an inside look at sessions with the fantasy psychologist and his patients as he breaks down the underlying issue that is keeping them from winning championships. Let’s lounge on the couch next to these fantasy managers and see what we can learn from their mistakes. 


So why don’t we start by you telling me about your fantasy roster? How does it look and how has it been going?


It’s going great. I’ve made a ton of trades. I started out trading Justin Jefferson and Mark Andrews for Ja’Marr Chase and George Kittle. Then I trade Jaylen Waddle for Devonta Smith. I was able to flip Chase and Smith for Amon-Ra St. Brown and Ceedee Lamb plus a 3rd round pick. I traded Jared Goff and Austin Ekeler for Kirk Cousin and Joe Mixon. Midseason I traded James Cook for Isiah Pacheco and then Juju Smith-Schuster for Chase Claypool. During the rookie draft, I traded Jordan Love for the 1.03 which I used to draft C.J. Stroud. I also traded a 23 3rd and 24 3rd. For a 24 2nd. I was able to move another 3rd round pick this year for a 3rd round next year and my 4th round pick for a 4th in 2025. After the draft, I traded Stroud for Bryce Young. This past week I traded Pacheco and Claypool for Austin Ekeler and Zay Jones. I’ve been working the message board every day trying to make my team better. I really wish my league mates would respond to my messages and trade offers. A lot of times I don’t even get a counter. Usually, they just sit there till i cancel them. I’m glad we have a group message group on Twitter but I can see that they have seen the message but don’t respond. I wish platforms made it easier to put players on the trade block. Most of my leagues don’t even use it. I have to remember which managers are easier to get in touch with through Sleeper and which ones I can text. Some haven’t given me their numbers yet. 


It sounds like you make a lot of trades. Do you think you made your team better with those trades?


For sure. Sometimes it was trades to get players because they were important for other deals. I think my team is pretty stacked. I picked up a few extra picks in 2024 and 2025. I’m not done yet I’ve got plans to make a few more deals. Im hoping to trade Lamb for Garret Wilson and maybe Ekeler and a pick for Travis Etienne. ETN is so much younger and has a ton of upside. Same with Wilson. Love that the Jets got Aaron Rodgers. Actually, I should maybe trade Cousins for Rodgers so I can have the stack. 


Have you won any championships?


No, not yet but I think this is my year. I’ve got a great core and if my one league mate would get back to me I can get the players I need. I would have won last year but I had Jonathan Taylor. Once he started missing time I traded him away for Rashaad White and Khalil Herbert. It could have been a waste of a year but making that trade allowed me to make the playoff. I just ran into a buzz saw in the first round. Im also set up for the future. I’ve got plenty of 3rd and 4th round picks in the next two years so i can leverage that for players or move up in the draft to get guys. My ability to make moves and get pretty much any player I want is what sets me apart. I feel like I can wheel and deal with my league mates if they actually respond to my messages. 


Do you find yourself making lots of waiver moves?


Ohh yeah. I’m super active on my waiver wire. I believe that if you win the waiver wire you win your league. I spend a lot of fo time adjusting my multiple waiver pick-ups. I have to manage my FAAB budget wisely but I always leave myself some extra for the end of the season. Sunday mornings I make sure I’m on before games start to move players to my IR as they are declared out and I pick up guys. Even if they don’t pan out i can just drop them on Tuesday for the next round of waivers. 


My diagnosis

It seems like you are having fun playing fantasy football but you are a classic Shopaholic. You trade just for the sake of trading. You aren’t actually making your team better. A lot of the moves are just lateral moves. You even traded away for a player multiple times. You are constantly badgering your league mates to make trades. They may be sick of all your constant trade offers. 


Are you trading to make your team better or doing it just because? While there is nothing wrong with trading and you clearly enjoy it. After all fantasy football is about having fun. The key will be doing it in moderation. It seems like you are doing it out of some sort of compulsion or fear of missing out. The constant turning over the bottom part of your roster can be a great strategy but you might be giving up on guys too soon. My guess is you probably pick up some guys multiple times a season. 


Action plan

  • Evaluate each trade. Are the lateral moves?
  • Use trade calculators as a guideline
  • Do you get more production this year or more youth?
  • What do you really need? Are you winning now or a rebuild?

  • Examine your roster for which position groups you need help in

  • Examine which position groups you have ample depth in. 
  • Make trades from areas of depth and strength for areas of weakness. 

  • Evaluate your waiver pick-ups and who might still have value past one week. 
      • Again make pick-ups based on position groups of need or biggest upside. 


Who will be on the couch next time discussing their fantasy teams and what will the doctor have to say? Can we learn from these fantasy managers and make better decisions with our own rosters? Come back for the next Fantasy Therapy Session. 


we are using therapy as a means to talk about fantasy football strategy. we believe therapy is a very valuable tool and if you need help please seek out resources in your area. Everyone can benefit from therapy.