July 20, 2024

Fantasy Therapy: Session One

5 min read

The Doctor is in. We get an inside look at sessions with the fantasy Therapist and his patients as he breaks down the underlying issue that is keeping them from winning championships. Let’s lounge on the couch next to these fantasy managers and see what we can learn from their mistakes. 


So why don’t we start by you telling me about your fantasy roster? How does it look and how has it been going?


Well, it’s pretty stacked. I’ve got so many players that are poised to break out this season. I’ve been one of the best drafters over the past few years. I’ve gotten great value in the late rounds. First off I’m sitting pretty at Quarterback. I have Jordan Love who has learned from a Hall of Famer. Baker Mayfield who I still believe in, Sam Howell, and Kyle Trask. At running back I’m set. Some of the highlights are A.J. Dillon, Alexander Mattison, and Antonio Gibson. All of them are poised to take over their respective backfields. On top of that, I have Tyrion Davis-Price, Ty Chandler, Chuba Hubbard, Boston Scott, and Ke’Shawn Vaughn. I can’t seem to quit Clyde Edwards-Helaire so he could be my dark horse RB1. 


My wide receivers are break-out-ready. Chase Claypool, who will benefit from top coverage on Moore and Justin Fields taking the next step toward stardom. Juju Smith-Schuster, the new leading man in New England. I’ve got Terrace Marshall who is ready to take over in Carolina now that D.J. Moore is gone and its a fresh start with a new coach and quarterback. I’ve got Skyy Moore who is on the top offense in the league. I’ve got Laviska Shenault who is electric with the ball in his hand and Scotty Miller who is a PPR machine. Not to mention Mecole Hardman who now has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball so he is going to shine. Tight End is set with Irv Smith, Hayden Hurst, Brevin Jordan, and Tommy Tremble. My team is set to be a monster when these guys break out.


Every once in a while I get trade offers for some of my guys but it’s always a lowball offer. I got offered a 5th-round rookie pick for Shenault. He is clearly worth a lot more. They also tried to get Skyy Moore for a 4th. He is the next Tyreek Hill in that KC offense. This past rookie draft I made my team better. I stole Will Levis in the mid 2nd and was able to trade back and get Darnell Washington and Kayshon Boutte in the 3rd. They have such physical talents that they will succeed. 


How has it been going for you in fantasy? Are you winning?


Well, I haven’t won a championship yet but I’m on the cusp. My guys are poised for a breakout. I’ve got some key pieces and when they do hit I’m gonna start winning. The past few seasons have been rough. I’ve been middle of the road but I’ve got so many guys I never seem to make the right roster decisions. If I did I would have probably won most of my matchups. I’m really just unlucky. I’ve got the guys who just either get hurt or have been stuck with bad coaching and who aren’t using them right. Anyone watching the games can see their talent I don’t understand why they aren’t involved more. But I’m set to be a contender for the future. My new draft picks are going to be great next season and be top 5 guys at their position. I’ve made some great trades moving back in the draft every year and I have 3 second-round picks and five 3rd rounders next year. 


My Diagnosis


It seems like there are a lot of guys who haven’t really produced yet. You are the classic Egomaniac. You refuse to admit when you are wrong. You continue to believe in players because you drafted them. You want nothing more than to prove to your league mates and the randoms on the internet that your takes and gut feelings on players were right. Even with the mounting evidence that you were wrong. Even when season after season they fail to live up to even the lowest of expectations. They have been barely flex plays for your lineup. When I hear things like “I still believe in” and “I can’t quit” those are red flags that you aren’t being honest with yourself about the player’s real value. The market on these guys changes so fast. Teams make moves both on the field and on the coaching staff that impact how those players get used. Injuries and someone just playing better happen.


It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to admit that you took a chance on a player and they didnt pan out. You drafted them with the information you had. Whether that was watching game film or looking at athletic scores or combine performances that got you to believed in the opportunity they had coming in the league. You did the best you can with the information you had at the time. You need to do the same now. There is more information on these players. Use that to make informed choices on your lineup and be okay with letting go. Don’t get caught up on draft cost or being stuck in a take-lock.


It’s also okay to trade a guy early. It’s okay to trade a guy away and get value and make your team better and then that player goes on to be something even better. It’s okay to be right about a player’s outlook but be wrong and trade him away before he hits that ceiling. Being able to admit that you are wrong will help you be a better fantasy player. To help here is an action plan going forward.



Action Plan


  • Set expectations before every season
  • At the end of the season compare expectations with reality
  • Process why things didnt add up both under and over
  • Was there an injury
  • Did they play as much as expected
  • Make fact base determinations on players
  • Compare to consensus

  • Figure out why your pre-season expectations were off
  • Did you miss a clear red flag?
  • Did you watch the game film?
  • Did you buy into or ignore the combine information?
  • Did you look at college production?


Who will be on the couch next time discussing their fantasy teams and what will the doctor have to say? Can we learn from these fantasy managers and make better decisions with our own rosters? Come back for the next Fantasy Therapy Session. 


we are using therapy as a means to talk about fantasy football strategy. We believe therapy is a very valuable tool and if you need help please seek out resources in your area. Everyone can benefit from therapy.