June 13, 2024

Fantasy Impact: Raheem Morris and the Atlanta Falcons

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Fantasy Impact: Raheem Morris to the Atlanta Falcons

By Bob Miller



The Atlanta Falcons have moved on from Arthur Smith. Fantasy owners and Falcons fans everywhere should rejoice. His poor coaching and decision-making left fans and fantasy owners scratching their heads. Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson owners were baffled at their lack of usage. However, that is behind us now. Enter Raheem Morris and new offensive coordinator, Zac Robinson


Even though Morris was the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator, he should not be labeled as a defensive-minded coach. In his previous tenure (2015 to 2020) with the Atlanta Falcons, Morris was the assistant head coach, wide receivers coach, and passing game coordinator. The 2016 season was special as he helped lead the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl and contributed to Matt Ryan winning the MVP that same season. During that span, Julio Jones was an elite fantasy wide receiver, and let’s not forget the production that Austin Hooper had during his time in Atlanta as well.


So, how does this impact the Falcons’ skill players moving forward? I’m here to give you my thoughts.




Desmond Ritter has proven that he’s not the future of the Atlanta Falcons. I fully expect them to sign a veteran starter and possibly select a quarterback in this upcoming NFL draft. Will one of the top three quarterbacks fall to the Falcons at pick number 8? I highly doubt it. However, I could see the Falcons moving up into the top three to land Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye. Let’s face it, the Falcons need to make a splash to get their fanbase excited.


I think the best trade partner for them is the Washington Commanders at pick 1.02. Rumor is that the Commanders may still be optimistic about Sam Howell leading their team. They may not value some of these quarterbacks any higher than Howell. Of course, this is all speculation, but if we’re true, Washington makes perfect sense to trade back and acquire more premium picks.


Now, there have also been rumblings/rumors of the Falcons being a prime landing spot for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. With Caleb Williams looking more like the obvious number-one overall pick, the price tag for Fields could drop as we get closer to the NFL draft. Is it possible that the Falcons could land Fields without giving up their 8th overall pick? I think it could be. Fields has plenty of potential and could be electric in Atlanta. With Zac Robinson calling plays and the offensive weapons in Atlanta, Justin Fields would cement himself as a solid QB1 moving forward.




This is a sensitive subject for some, as Bijan Robinson’s fantasy production was a bit of a let-down, to say the least. This past season Bijan Robinson only had 41% of the team’s carries, while Tyler Allgeier had 35% of the team’s carries. Not good for Bijan owners. However, that shouldn’t be the case moving forward. Raheem Morris and Zac Robinson are firm believers in the workhorse running back. Just look at their track record as of late. Joe Mixon dominated the touches in Cincinnati as did Kyren Williams in Los Angeles. Bijan Robinson owners everywhere should be celebrating.


This is Fantasy football, and in Dynasty leagues you should always be open to making a deal. I’m not saying trade Bijan Robinson by any means. However, if you can use this coaching change to maximize profit, then you should at least explore it. Put Bijan’s name out there in your Dynasty League. With the running back position being fairly weak in this upcoming NFL Draft, you could get an absolute haul for Bijan Robinson.


On the flip side, I will be exploring the idea of acquiring Bijan Robinson in the leagues that I don’t own him. You never know which Bijan owners out there may be frustrated or less optimistic about his production moving forward. I will be looking into this myself to see if I can acquire this future star at some kind of discount.



The passing game in Atlanta is something to get excited about. Over the last few seasons take a look at the passing offenses in Los Angeles and Cincinnati. We should expect to see a similar offense in Atlanta. I imagine Zac Robinson and the Falcons to use more three-receiver sets. Drake London should again dominate the target share as far as wide receivers go. I’d like to think that the Falcons will add another receiving option via free agency. Tyler Boyd or Demarcus Robinson could make a lot of sense.


I could also see Atlanta adding wide receivers through this upcoming NFL draft. With this draft being stacked with wide receiver talent, you could see Atlanta land a player like Xavier Worthy or Roman Wilson early in the second round. Imagine lining up one of these wide receivers opposite Drake London and giving Kyle Pitts an open field to work with.


Speaking of Kyle Pitts, his owners finally have something to be excited about. We don’t know just yet how they’re going to utilize Pitts, but it’s easy to see him playing a hybrid tight end/slot receiver role moving forward. Tyler Higbee was fantasy-relevant in Zach Robinson’s offense. And like I said earlier in the article, Austin Hooper was a featured pass catcher under Raheem Morris. We may just see the Kyle Pitts we’ve all been hoping for. Fingers crossed.


It’s hard not to be excited about a newly revamped Atlanta Falcons offense featuring these potential stars.




  • Offer a 1st and 2nd for Bijan Robinson or take no less than two 1sts and another running back if you are the Bijan owner.


  • Offer a 2nd and 3rd for Kyle Pitts right now. If it’s Tight End Premium, throw someone a late 1st or future 1st to acquire him.


  • Offer an early-to-mid 2nd for Drake London. Another idea is offering an aging player such as Stefon Diggs, Terry McLaurin, or DeAndre Hopkins as well.



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