July 20, 2024

2024 Rookie Dynasty Impact: Brock Bowers

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2024 Rookie Dynasty Impact: Brock Bowers

The 2024 NFL draft started out great for fantasy football players, with 14 straight offensive players to start the draft, nine of those being fantasy-relevant. Those nine included Brock Bowers. The Raiders drafted Bowers at 13th overall, reportedly declining multiple trade offers from teams attempting to trade up to select the TE from Georgia. 


How does Brock Bowers Affect the Las Vegas Raiders?

There may not have been a more disappointing landing spot in the first round of the NFL draft than Brock Bowers landing with the Raiders. While the franchise’s future may be murky and lacking a clear long-term goal currently, Bowers adds a star potential and expected stud at tight end.

It’s likely Bowers will not impact the team significantly from a wins and losses viewpoint this year. Whatever QB is starting weekly,  Gardner Minshew or Aidan O’Connell, will have ole reliable Davante Adams, as well as quality targets in Michael Gallup and Jakobi Meyers

Bowers does not get a stud QB like many wished for him to be tied to, but should we be worried for him? I’m leaning no. Minshew is an adequate quarterback who lacks many tools, but he can be a stopgap quarterback until the Raiders find the franchise QB.

Michael Pittman had his best career year last year with Minshew under center, and Josh Downs had an awesome start to his rookie campaign before getting hurt to start the second half of the season. 

Bowers can likely find his way up to second in the pecking order for targets. He consistently adds yards after the catch, sporting an 8.5 YAC per reception. Over 60% of Bowers’ targets came within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Making people miss and needing multiple guys to bring him down translates to the pro game right away. This also is great for Minshew, as short and intermediate throws have been his bread and butter. 


How High is Brock Bowers Dynasty Stock? 

When PlayerProfiler has your player comp as Travis Kelce, and you’re a top 15 pick, your stock will be high. After knowing Bowers’ landing spot, he slides in at TE3 in my rankings, behind Sam Laporta and Trey McBride.

This was not the best landing spot for him, largely due to some uncertainty at QB long-term and Adams getting a very large chunk of targets in the short run. Bowers should still excel due to his pure talent. Do not fade Bowers because of where he landed. 


What is Brock Bowers’ Rookie Draft Status?  

The format of your league is the most important factor in this. I’ll break it down by 1QB, SF, and SF TEP. (Quick side note, any non-quarterback player mentioned ahead of Bowers in SFTEP would be higher ranked for me in 1QB TEP as well.)

If you are in a single QB league, I would take Bowers as a top-4 pick. Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers should be the only two players taken before Bowers in every draft. After those two, depending on team need, Rome Odunze should be the only alternative to Bowers at 1.03. I  would not consider any other player before Brock Bowers if he is available at 1.04. 

If you are in a superflex league, I would consider Bowers a top-7 pick. After the aforementioned Harrison Jr. and Nabers, Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels come into the mix as surefire picks before Bowers. The next trio of picks should include Bowers, Odunze, and Patriots newcomer Drake Maye. I still would not consider J.J. McCarthy over Bowers. 

If you are in a superflex TEP league, I would take Bowers as a top-5 pick. Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. are the two players at 1.01 and 1.02 in almost every sane league.

After those two, and depending on how much the bonus for TEs is in your league, I would consider Bowers anywhere from 1.04 through 1.06 in these leagues. Proper consideration should be done. If it is a full point bonus for TEs, I would take Bowers fourth, for example, over Nabers, Odunze, and Maye. 


Trade Ideas

Brock Bowers ending up with the Raiders provides a great buying opportunity. Many people will pass on him in the draft, so it may be easier to trade for the actual draft pick where Bowers is available during a rookie draft. Once Bowers is drafted, the cost to obtain may be higher if that owner is not reluctant to pick him.

Here are a couple of trade ideas I like:


This first one is Kyle Pitts for Brock Bowers. Both are great players, and Pitts gained a lot of value this offseason for reasons outside of himself. Kirk Cousins‘ signing with the Falcons was the biggest boost of all. I would rather start fresh with Bowers. 

Sell Kyle Pitts for Brock Bowers.


The second is to sell Brock Bowers for DeVonta Smith. Smith is coming off of a mild fantasy season but just received a big contract that ties him with Jalen Hurts for the next few years. Follow the money here, three years for $75 million and $51 million guaranteed is a massive extension for him. It wasn’t long ago that Smith was valued as high as WR8 for dynasty, but now his value has dropped to around WR15 range even with this extension. The buy window is now. 

Sell Brock Bowers for DeVonta Smith

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