April 13, 2024

Fantasy Impacts: Joe Mixon Traded to Texans

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It initially appeared that the Cincinnati Bengals were going to release Joe Mixon, they’ve instead traded him to the Houston Texans. At the time of this publication, the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed. To make up for the loss of Joe Mixon, the Bengals have signed Zach Moss to the roster. Let’s talk about the fantasy impact of this move!

Mixon Can Make an Impact

There is a place for Joe Mixon to make an impact within the Texans’ offense. The once-celebrated Damion Pierce, who really shined during his rookie year, quickly fizzled out during the 2023 season. Devin Singletary had been signed to the Texans for a one-year deal in March of 2023 but is now with the Giants in this new free agency period. This leaves plenty of room for joe Mixon to make his mark in a quiet running back room.

Mixon had 1,034 rushing yards and nine touchdowns in the 2023 season and finished as the RB6 in the league. That’s nothing to sneeze at – especially when the Texans ranked 28th in rushing yards per game. This is going to be a huge upgrade for them. So why are the Bengals willing to ditch Joe Mixon for Zack Moss? Age and money. Moss is younger and has a cheaper contract, freeing up more cap space for the team.

The Rookie Running Back Class is Weak

This year’s running back class is pretty weak in comparison to the other roles and talent coming out of the 2024 NFL Draft. The Texans knew that drafting a veteran player during the free agency period would serve them better than going with an unproven rookie to carry them.

At 27 years old, he may be on the backend of his career, but in a “win now” situation, Stroud can rely on the veteran to be his go-to guy. He’s played in a Super Bowl and worked with a highly-rated quarterback in Jow Burrow, so he could very well be the one to help the Texans achieve something big with CJ Stroud at the helm.

This Might be a Good Time to Sell High

Because of the reasons listed above, this might be a good time for dynasty managers to sell high. Joe Mixon will be the RB1 for Houston and he will get the volume to be productive. If he’s been sitting on your bench or being used as a flex on your roster – now’s the time to cash in and fill other holes in your roster or pick up some rookie picks.

What are your thoughts on Joe Mixon moving to Houston? Does it affect your roster? Let me know @KellyInPhoenix on Twitter/X. I’d love to hear from you!

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