July 23, 2024

Dynasty Trade Calculator (Superflex)


Important Info:
This calculator includes the following:

  • Offense
  • IDPs
  • Devy
  • Devy IDPs
  • Rookie Draft Picks ('24, '25, '26)
  • Kickers

This calculator's values are based off of Market Pricing, Recent Trades, Player Rankings, and ADP. These values are for:

  • Superflex/2QB Leagues
  • Full Point PPR
  • Dynasty Pros IDP Scoring

Our calculator does factor in a player's "Impact" or "Tier". This is a very important detail that our calculator evaluates during a potential trade. Trading for a player with the bigger impact or in a higher tier will directly effect how much you have to give. The higher the tier, the higher the price.

Example: A trade may seem like it would favor Team 2 based off of numbers alone, however it may not be if Team 1 is giving up the player with the bigger impact or from a higher tier. Putting together a package of four to five players for one is not recommended, due to one team having to drop multiple players.

Dynasty Pros Trade Calculator

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