April 24, 2024

Dynasty Stock Watch: Week 12

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Dynasty Stock Watch: Week 12

By Doug Harrelson


One of my favorite weeks of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving week. Football, family, food and of course, fantasy football. The sweat gets started early on Thursday morning for everyone this week. Many of us have more time off of work so don’t be surprised to see some eggnog induced trading going down in some of your leagues this week. This is a good reason to be sending offers to everyone to sharpen up that lineup in time for the final stretch of the season and for your playoff run. Let’s dig into some players rising and falling right now!



Quarterback: Jimmy Garoppolo

For a relatively attractive man, this isn’t a sexy addition to your team. For a QB2/3 on your contending Super Flex team though, I think he will provide what you need. Adding Christian McCaffrey to that offense gives Jimmy G the full complement of guys that can catch the ball behind the line of scrimmage and rip off a 40+ yard play. The full arsenal of weapons that have allowed him to just throw to the open guy because they are all fantastic. The only worry you may have is if they just start running downhill on someone and the volume isn’t there. I think with how cheap he will be to acquire though, you are willing to take that risk.


Running Back: Latavius Murray

Speaking of not a sexy add, at this point of the year a lot of the superstar’s values are kinda locked in. These guys getting small bumps in playing time are where you will find the needle moving. Sometimes you just need a guy that gets touches. That is about the range of excitement I can muster up for this move. The Broncos offense is clearly completely broken and not likely to be fixed before 2023 but volume is volume and Murray should see it with Melvin Gordon no longer on the team and Chase Edmonds heading for IR. If you find him on a team that is dead for the playoffs he will cost you basically nothing.

Wide Receiver: Christian Watson

Finally someone exciting to talk about peaking at the right time. I was high on Watson through the pre draft process, was happy with the landing spot, and was prepared to take him…. But I got cold feet. Went with George Pickens in that spot instead. We can argue about whether or not that was correct another time but those that kept the faith and didn’t panic sell after a slow start with some drops and Rodgers drama are not being rewarded with the second half of the rookie season breakout. One of the best things that can happen to a team ascending and coming out of a rebuild. Five touchdowns the last two games have likely given you a huge boost down the stretch and now you can confidently throw him into your flex spot for the last leg of the fantasy season.

Tight End: Juwan Johnson

Again another player with likely a low value going forward after this season but when it’s playoff time, we gotta find points right away. Juwan Johnson has become a go to target for Andy Dalton in the red zone. Five touchdowns in the past five games is a huge value for a guy that was likely free on waivers at one point. At a position like tight end, getting consistent targets in the red zone gives you the upside if you aren’t lucky enough to have a guy like Kelce or Andrews. Likely cheap unless the person rostering him needs help at TE.




Quarterback: Zach Wilson

Oh how quickly things can change. Despite the winning record, Zach Wilson is heading to the bench. His long term prospects have gotten a lot more grim as it feels like another young quarterback may have failed to find success in the big apple. As someone with more shares of Zach Wilson than I can be proud of at this moment, I am stuck in a wait and hope for things to get better. I am not optimistic enough at this point to be considering this a “buy low” window. Perhaps a change of scenery could help his career get back on track, I find it tough to believe he will figure it out under the scrutiny of the New York media and fanbase. 

Running Back: Elijah Mitchell

After having a role in his first game back despite CMC being on the team, this past week Mitchell was barely able to get on the field. I imagine he will still have a couple of good weeks here and there from falling in the end zone but I find it tough to believe I will be able to trust him from week to week. Kyle Shanahan running backs are always difficult to trust on a week to week basis but even more so when they have a ton of talent at this position like they do now. I think you wait and see if you can move him after he has a big two touchdown game.


Wide Receiver: Diontae Johnson

The man gets no lack of volume but the efficiency has been so bad lately. Even with Claypool gone he only managed 21 yards in a game where the Steelers scored 30 points. I swear I have seen explosive plays out of Johnson before, I know it can be done. If Kenny Pickett can make a step up next year then maybe things will improve for Johnson then, but right now he is miserable to have in your lineup. No ceiling to speak of whatsoever.

Tight End: Kyle Pitts

It appears to be the end of one of the most disappointing seasons in fantasy football in recent memory. The man referred to as simply the unicorn after a solid rookie campaign will now begin a rehab process on a MCL injury that could cost him the rest of the season. His price tag was expensive this past offseason but he will likely be cheaper this offseason. If you want in, this is going to create a window to buy in. I am definitely nervous with all my shares of Pitts at this point. I am also not gonna sell him off at this discounted price. The upside he possesses is still truly elite at a position where only a few are significantly better than replacement level. 


I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have so much to be grateful for. If you are reading this then you get to play this wonderful game where we pretend to be GM of a fake football team with our buddies for pride and cash payouts. We are truly so very lucky or blessed, whichever you prefer. Take some time to really take that in and be grateful for how awesome things are for most of us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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