• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Dynasty Dilemma: Saquon Barkley

Dynasty Dilemma: Saquon Barkley

by Tim Lazenby


Let’s take a minute to talk about a truly polarizing player in dynasty football.  Everyone and their mom, it seems, has varying opinions of the running back from New York and rightfully so.  What to do with such a talent?  Hopefully I can help.


The Reason to Sell

Everyone knows this guy is talented.  In fact, talented is an understatement.  I remember people specifically saying this was the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.  Big words to be sure but here’s the problem:


He’s never healthy

Honestly, this is not really true.  Although he missed almost the entire 2020 season, he missed just four games this year.  In 2019, he only missed three and in his rookie season, he played all 16.  It’s one of those times where a player seems more injured than he really is.


He’s not an effective runner anymore

True, in a way, he hasn’t done fantasy owner’s justice in his efficiency, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that he ranked 7th in average defenders in the box and 3rd in stacked front carry rate.  He could be better, but it’s hard to shine when the entire defense is focused on you.


Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


The Reason to Buy

Is this time now to cash in on such a talent?  There aren’t many players at the position who can do what he does.  He can run, catch and has blazing speed for someone his size.  Here’s some food for thought, while you’re mulling things over:


He’s so cheap

The price on him has never been lower.  Managers gripped him tightly last year, forgiving a lost season due to injury, but many are not as forgiving.  In the last three dynasty start ups, he went at the end of the fourth round, the fifth round and the sixth round, respectively.


His talent

Lest we forget his value even last season.  Let me remind you.  As a rookie, he had over 2000 all purpose yards and 15 touchdowns.  Not to mention, in half PPR formats, he only went under 15 points twice and he went over 25 points five times. 

Those 340.3 fantasy points would have landed him second best last season; second only to the almighty Jonathan Taylor.  He would have only trailed by 10.8 points.



I think we’re kidding ourselves not to jump all over Saquon this year at his current price point.  The offensive line and coach should be better than last year and here’s to hoping they bring in supporting talent so he’s not the only focus of the opposition.


Please, do yourself a favor and buy this running back while you can still afford him.  It’s not such a travesty in redraft, but Saquon, who is only 25, still has lots of gas left in the tank and plenty of haters to silence.