November 29, 2023

Dynasty Dilemma: Cam Akers

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Dynasty Dilemma: Cam Akers

Cody Folden

Cam Akers out of Florida State was one of the first backs in his draft class to get drafted. In round 2 pick 52, Akers was drafted with all upside. As an early round pick in the draft, we all thought he would get carries on a football team with Darrell Henderson on it. Cam Akers career stats are 338 rush, 1414 yards, and 9 touchdowns. A super bowl champion in 2021 the LA Rams were the talk of the NFL, and running back was not a position of need the last few years because of draft capital in that position. The times have changed and the landscape of the LA Rams has as well. They sold the farm for a Super Bowl victory. Let it be known that any and every team would have done it as well.


Cam Akers is still on this team that is rebuilding and ready to have last season forgotten about, but like a lot of guys in these Dynasty Dilemmas, this is a make or break year. Akers has had injuries and insufficient stats to be the lead back on his team, and this year may be his last chance to showcase his skills. Here is why:



A reason to buy Akers is that he is really the only tenured back on the Rams. Behind him is Kyren Williams, and Ronnie Rivers, who were both rookies last year and Zach Evans who they drafted this year. Akers is the only back with more than 2 years experience in that locker room. With the injury bug behind him and more than a full year of recovery we may finally see the explosive back we saw in college. 


Cam Akers’ Achilles injury is obviously a tough one to come back from and usually they never fully return to what they were before. Akers showed resilience last year by not only coming back from the injury, but by playing the most games (15) he has in his career. Akers showed resilience the year before by coming back from his Achilles injury and becoming the lead back in the playoffs for the Rams to win the Super Bowl in 2021. He has shown time and time he can beat the odds.


Akers will only be 24 this year, in startups, it may be a bloodbath at running back because a lot of the holdovers are turning 28 and above and that seems to be the consensus turning point age for the downfall of running back careers. Akers is far away from that, maybe a new team would benefit him, maybe staying right where he is will be best. Training camp will tell us a lot.




I would be willing to bet that most are in the category of sell for Akers. For some obvious reasons like he can’t stay on the field, like stated above, and due to his “falling out” with Sean McVay. I talked to a Rams fan the other day and asked what do you think of Akers and he said: “I doubt he is on the team next year.” Why? “Look at Jared Goff.” Jared Goff lost the good graces of the coach and they shipped him out of town. I do feel this is an unfair example in some ways because unlike quarterback, running back is not as important. McVay knew Goff wasn’t “it” for his team and he proved himself right by winning the super bowl the very next year without him. 


Cam Akers has only been in 29 career games in 3 years and in those 29, 14 of them were starts. Most due to injury, and some due to not being with the team and wanted to be traded. Nonetheless, he needs to be on the field and produce or else he will not help his stock. This is a contract year for Akers, he is going to want to prove it.



Akers shows up in the big games. In 6 playoff games he had 5 starts, 4 coming right off of injury and provided the spark LA needed to beat Tom Brady and the Bucs, then Burrow and the Bengals. WIth his playoff success, comes success in the regular season with a 4.2 yards per attempt for his career. 


Like previously stated, the only other running backs on the roster that may give him actual competition in my eyes is Zach Evans. Evans was ok in drills and interviews at the combine and dropped his stock, but he shows flashes on film of an athletic and versatile back that in the right offense, can succeed. Coming out of high school Evans was also ranked ahead of Bijan Robinson. We may have a split backfield on our hands by as early as game 4.


At the end of the day, the people that have rode with Akers from rookie season on and still holding on to him……you all have some wonderful patience. People that don’t have him by dropping him already, don't want him back. Yet, if he is on your waiver wire, you can probably pick him up pretty easily and hold on to him to see what happens. It may provide dividends. Akers is rarely starting on your roster as it is right now, but he can be a very valuable depth piece during the regular season when you need to find a win. The verdict is...