December 10, 2023

Dynasty Dilemma: C.J Stroud

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Dynasty Dilemma: C.J Stroud

By Johnathan Walker


CJ Stroud put up enormous numbers during his 2 seasons with Ohio State, throwing for over 8,100 yards and 85 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions. In his first season with the Buckeyes, Stroud led the offense to be #2 in total points and #1 in points per game, then in his final season, he led them to be #5 in total points and #2 in points per game. Stroud was the only QB selected in this draft to lead his team in the top 5 for total points and points per game in his last two seasons. 

Stroud also made sure to put himself in the Heisman spotlight in both of those seasons, where he finished 3rd in 2022 and finished 4th in 2021. C.J. was also able to lead his team to an 11-2 record and the NCAA CFP Semifinals last season (2022) and in 2021 he led his team to an 11-2 record and a Rose Bowl victory. He showed a tremendous ability to work the pocket and be able to move his WRs during the 2022 season. 




The main reason you would pass on C.J. Stroud is due to the fact that he is a rookie, and to add to that he is heading to the Houston Texans. They have been one of the worst teams for 2 years in a row. Even though the Texans added Stroud, they also added several weapons on the outside for him to pass the ball to. They added Robert Woods, Xavier Hutchinson, and Nathaniel Dell to the WR room who already had John Metchie and Nico Collins. They also added Veteran Dalton Schultz from the Dallas Cowboys. Can those additions help Stroud become a top-level QB in his first year? With C.J. Stroud entering into a must-win season for the Texans as a rookie the pressure could be too much for a young player. Forcing Stroud to make bad reads and passes, will greatly decrease his fantasy production. 




The biggest reason to buy C.J. Stroud over any other QB in this Draft Class is due to his body build being that of a true QB in the NFL. He is 6’3 weighing 218 LBS, which mirrors QB Joe Burrow of the Bengals. Now Stroud does not have the weapons of Burrow but with several new additions this off-season and the Draft the Texans have put themselves in a position to compete this year. Stroud will not only have great production himself but will also increase the production of all skill players for Houston. With the addition of the Veteran TE Dalton Schultz, Stroud will have a trustworthy player to check down to. With the ability to use his legs to extend plays NFL defenses will have to adjust to covering the WRs, TE, and RB along with Stroud. This will leave a 1-1 situation that several of the Texans WR can beat. Stroud also has a great ability to move around the pocket to buy time and also keep his eyes downfield to make an outstanding pass. C.J. Stroud is the next big QB in the NFL with immediate impact for the Texans. 



If you have the ability to draft Stroud, I would draft him. If you can buy Stroud, then buy him. Stroud will be the next great QB in the NFL, he is young and has amazing talent. Stroud will be the QB for the next several seasons not just for Houston but he will be a targeting mark for every QB drafted in his class and even a mark for veteran QBs. He will not only produce for his fantasy but for the fantasy of everyone around him. The Houston Texans will continue to bring weapons around Stroud to help his ability to lead the Texans to the playoffs or greater. I would BUY C.J Stroud.