July 20, 2024

Diontae Johnson traded to the Panthers: 3 Fantasy Questions

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Diontae Johnson traded to the Carolina Panthers: 3 Fantasy Questions

Today, Diontae Johnson (and a seventh-round pick) was traded to the Carolina Panthers for cornerback Donte Jackson and a sixth-round pick. With the move, the Panthers have given Bryce Young a dynamic playmaker. Let’s look at 3 Fantasy Questions surrounding the trade of Diontae Johnson.

1. Will the Panthers provide Johnson opportunities that the Steelers did not?

Diontae Johnson’s best season was in Ben Roethlisberger’s last season, where he caught 107 passes for 1,161 yards and 8 touchdowns. This past season, Johnson was targeted the least amount during his time in the NFL. From 2020-2022, he saw triple-digit targets.

With the emergence of George Pickens and Mike Tomlin’s commitment to the run, Johnson is probably already driving down to Charlotte to begin working with Bryce Young. The relationship between Young and Johnson will be the difference between a WR45 season and a WR8 season.

Even though Johnson profiles more like a slot receiver, he transitioned more to playing the outside last year. Adam Thielen will be the primary slot receiver for the Panthers, so as constructed, the Panthers have little competition for Johnson to receive targets outside of Thielen. Diontae Johnson will have a “long leash” to develop as Bryce Young’s primary target.

2. Does this move make Bryce Young better?

In some ways, yes, and in other ways, no. Did Diontae Johnson make Kenny Pickett a better quarterback? Nope. Anybody who saw a Pittsburgh Steelers game knows Pickett was not a good quarterback. Despite poor quarterback play, Johnson still registered 51 catches for 717 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The Panthers needed a receiver with the abilities shown by Johnson under 30. However, I don’t think this singular move improves Bryce Young. His development will take some time to mature. However, the potential between Young and Johnson over the next five years is very intriguing.

Bryce Young may be a “buy low” candidate in Dynasty, but expectations should be minimal in 2024. As Young continues to develop, he could be a steal!

3. Is Diontae Johnson worth targeting in Dynasty?

With minimal target competition, Diontae Johnson should return to triple-digit targets in 2024. If he can win more one-on-one battles on the outside, Johnson should become a primary target for Young in the red zone.

New Head Coach David Canales did some great work in resurrecting the career of Baker Mayfield. Hopefully, he can have the same success as Bryce Young. Looking at last year’s numbers for Young are essentially useless.

The Panthers will have a “new look” offense this year, and it would appear the Carolina Panther’s leadership envisions Johnson as a low-risk, high-reward trade to begin rebuilding the wide receiver group of the Panthers.

Utilizing our very own Dynasty Pros Trade Calculator, Diontae Johnson is worth a late 2024 second-round pick. With his new situation, many Johnson owners may not want to part with the newly traded receiver. You may have to package a later-round 2025 pick as well. Don’t hesitate to make the trade. These trades in Dynasty Fantasy Football are what separate good from great teams. Take the risk!

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