• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Devy Minute: Raheim Sanders

Devy Minute: Raheim Sanders

By Tommy Harvey


Raheim "Rocket" Sanders, RB, Arkansas

6'2, 227lbs

JR, 20 years old

Draft Eligible: 2024



Nicknamed “Rocket”, Raheim Sanders is the overall RB7 in my devy rankings, but don’t let that fool you.  He is in an elite cluster of about 9 RBs, all of which could be shuffled in a variety of different ways.  A terrific combo of size and speed, Sanders is built to be a 3-down RB in the NFL.  He is a run finisher that plays with good physicality and bounces off defenders, but is also dangerous in space. 

I question his route running and pass catching ability, but that is only because I haven’t seen him involved in the pass game a lot at Arkansas.  From what he has displayed, Rocket is proficient with screens.  I would like to see the Razorbacks utilize him more with actual RB routes out of the backfield.

Sanders is well in the mix to be the RB1 in the 2024 draft class with the likes of Treyveon Henderson, Braelon Allen, Donovan Edwards, and Will Shipley.  This season’s performance, health evals, and combine/pro day process will go a long way in determining the order in which those RBs are selected.