April 24, 2024

Devy Minute: Drake Maye

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Devy Minute: Drake Maye

By Tommy Harvey

Drake Maye, Quarterback, North Carolina

6’4 220lbs

RS - SO, 20 years old

Draft Eligible: 2024

North Carolina QB Drake Maye is QB2 in my Devy rankings and the overall #2 player in my Devy SuperFlex rankings.  Physically and athletically, Maye is the prototype for an NFL QB and could end up rivaling Caleb Williams as the top 2024 NFL Draft prospect.  

Maye is elite with the intermediate and deep ball and is a weapon with his legs. He led North Carolina in rushing in 2022, while also taking 40 sacks on the season (negative sack yardage counts against rushing numbers in NCAA football).  On the negative side, he tends to lose his fundamentals at times.  That is easily fixed with experience and proper coaching.

Going into the 2023 season, Maye will have to work with new OC Chip Lindsey after Phil Longo left for Wisconsin in the offseason.  With that being said, Maye’s overall numbers could take a dip.  Lindsey uses more screens as an extension to the run game, so Maye could lose opportunities to run the ball and could also lose opportunities in the intermediate parts of the field.  Don’t be overly concerned if that is the case.

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