April 24, 2024

Devy Digest: Week 9 Preview

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Devy Digest: Week 9 Preview

Andy Pham

Devy Games to Watch

(3)Ohio State at Wisconsin
Wisconsin will have to continue to find their identity. Quarterback Braedyn Locke was someone the coaching stuff plucked from the portal, and expectations were for him to compete for the job next season. He now gets to audition for that role this year and this is a tough matchup and Wisconsin should focus on a heavy lean on Running Back Braelon Allen to take pressure off the young Quarterback. Ohio State has the players we all know about and what I’m looking to see is if True Freshman Wide Receiver Brandon Inniss continues to earn more playing time. Ohio State is in a weird period, they have a lot of veterans that will depart for the draft next year including a possible trio in the receiving room. They will need to balance getting more playing time from the True Freshman, including Carnell Tate and still be in sync to continue and win games and see if they can get into the playoffs

Clemson at NC State
Clemson has been a disappointment for their fans and for fantasy managers and Quarterback Cade Klubnik, hasn’t been able to take that next step. We can argue talent or system, but the bottom line is they haven’t looked like a cohesive unit. The Wide Receiving room will be tricky to sort out, Antonio Williams was injured and we'll have to monitor the situation, but when both are healthy he and Tyler Brown, both work out of the slot, with Adam Randall and Beaux Collins operating out wide, we’ll have to see if they choose to sit one of the outside receivers and move one of the slot guys out wide or if Tyler Brown will take a back seat and be more of a complementary role and fill in here and there. The run game, we know what it is and it’s workmanlike, Will Shipley will plod for production and Phil Mafah will be the battering ram. NC State with Quarterback MJ Morris continues to get more comfortable in this system and the go to guy continues to be Kevin Concepcion, the True Freshman Wide Receiver is playing beyond his years and is truly looking like a rising devy asset.

South Carolina at Texas A&M
This game features high profile receivers in Xavier Legette with South Carolina and Evan Stewart with Texas A&M. Stewart has been hundred due to poor Quarterback play and Legette has really taken off this year and has earned the complete trust with Spencer Rattler. South Carolina has struggled defensively, struggled to run, and struggled to keep Spencer Rattler from being pressured. South Carolina will need to throw the ball to win this game. A nice redemption story is Texas A&M Running Back Le’Veon Moss who came in last year’s historic recruiting class, and one that was never able to get on the field is finding his stride and has taken the lead in that room.

(24)USC at Cal
USC is coming off two bad losses and their playoff hopes have been dash and at this point you question what they have to play for. Quarterback Caleb Williams, you would have to imagine, chooses to opt out at the end of the year and not play the bowl game to prepare for the next chapter in his legacy. With each passing week, the final time he suits up for USC will come closer and this should be a get right game. USC needs to solidify their rotation at wide receiver. Having 6 guys playing disrupts the flow of the game and there isn’t any chemistry there with Caleb and his receivers. Brenden Rice should be his big bodied safety blanket but far too often, he disappears, Tajh Washington is just a slot receiver but has been coming up big. We’d like to see more of Zachariah Branch and Duce Robinson out there. It’s also time to get Makai Lemon out there and get them reps now to prepare for next season. For Cal, they are a mess at the Quarterback situation and that has hurt the production of Wide Receiver Jeremiah Hunter who we thought would be elevated as the Wide Receiver 1 of the program, but with so much inconsistent play, he’s been lost in certain games. Running Back Jaydn Ott continues to feast on bad defenses and USC is a bad defense, this might be a hidden high scoring game.

Colorado at (23)UCLA
UCLA has benched Quarterback Dante Moore after inconsistent play. Wide Receiver J.Michael Sturdivant should be revived this week as Colorado’s defense isn’t one that will attack with much success, thus allow Quarterback Ethan Garbers time to find Sturdivant deep. We know for Colorado they will scheme up short passes and try to create after the catch.

(11))Oregon State at Arizona
This is a game of styles, Oregon State likes to focus on the run and use that to open up their passing game whereas Arizona likes an up tempo offense and accumulating plays. If the Oregon State defense can keep everything in front of them and get key stops on 3rd down, the advantage will go to Oregon State and Running Back Damien Martinez, if Oregon State has trouble stopping them, like they did against Washington State then Arizona should feast. Arizona’s Wide Receiver Tet McMillian continues to shine week after week, no matter who his Quarterback is.


 C2C Games to Watch

Houston at Kansas State
This has the makings to be a high scoring, CFF week winning matchup. Houston is finding their strides and Quarterback Donovan Smith is in rhythm and in command of this offense. Wide Receiver Sam Brown still leads the way in receptions, but we are seeing Matthew Golden get more involved, either in the return game or getting an uptick in looks. This is starting to feel like the calm before the storm and it was only a matter of time before things clicked on all cylinders. For Kansas State they are benefitting on the ground and it will be interesting on what they do with their Quarterback position. Will they stick with Will Howard or will they move to the more explosive athlete in Avery Johnson, whose the highest rated recruit for Kansas State in over 15 years. This past week, they took turns and both played well. The run game would benefit with Johnson as defenses will have to contend with Johnson, and the duo at Running Back in DJ Giddens and Treshaun Ward. In the receiving game Tight End Ben Sinnott is the safety valve and playmaker for them, but is on the injury report.

Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan
This game is about the running backs. Eastern Michigan features Samson Evans whose had a down year this year but always has the ability to take over a game, on the other side, Jalen Buckley is a Freshman, whose produced this year and he’s done it against power 5 schools as well, including a 75 yard touchdown scoring run against Syracuse when the game was still early/ Buckley is someone that has a bright future for CFF and is a player that we’ll continue to watch his growth.

Troy at Texas State
This is a game of styles. Troy wants to win with their defense and on offense, they want to slow the game down and feed Running Back Kimani Vidal, who's nearly over 1,000 yards on the ground whereas Texas State likes to play fast and hectic. Texas State Quarterback TJ Finley has done really well in this system and his go-to receivers are Joey Hobert, Ashtyn Hawkins and Kole WIlson. Running Back Ismail Mahdi has been a beneficiary of this high paced attack that tires out a defense as he’s been very efficient on the ground and leads the team in touchdowns.

San Jose State at Hawaii
This should be a fun one to end the night. Sam Jose State is starting to find their rhythm on offense and Wide Receiver Nick Nash is getting more comfortable in his role as the Wide Receiver 1. The running back duo of Kairee Robinson and Quali Conley have been effective as both offer different skill set and are utilized in different ways to not cannibalize one another. Hawaii will need better play at Quarterback and Brayden Schager has thrown some bad interceptions this year, but he gets the volume and we’ll look to see if Wide Receivers Steven McBride and Pofele Ashlock can turn those opportunities into big plays.

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