July 23, 2024

Devy Digest: Portal Edition #4 Landing Spots – Running Backs

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Devy Digest: Portal Edition #4 Landing Spots – Running Backs


Devy Digest: Running Backs

Rocket Sanders

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Sanders ends up in South Carolina and many dislike the move and his destination, I want to give a counterpoint to this. What if it was the Arkansas coaching staff and strength and conditioning program that advised him to put on 20 pounds in the offseason? What if the Arkansas Medical staff wasn’t up to par, it was reported that Rocket was away from the team and rehabbing in Dallas.

Sanders is from Florida and this move brings him closer to home while having the lion’s share of a backfield. South Carolina by no means will be competing for a Championship next year, but all we need is to see Rocket back to being Rocket and the most important thing is him trimming back down to 220-225 pounds.

We expect South Carolina to be down a lot, we should see an uptick in Receptions for Rocket, this could end up being a good spot for him. We understand there are a dozen other programs that would have been a better fit, but the decision has been made and we should see the upside in things, especially with a talent like Rocket Sanders.
Devy Digest Grade: C

Chip Trayanum

Trayanum goes to a dream situation in Kentucky. Kentucky has proven to be a stopgap for Running Backs to rebuild their value and we should see a similar situation here. Trayanum will be asked to take some pressure off of their new Quarterback, there are a lot of new pieces on offense and when things need time to gel, you turn to the run game to slow the game down.
Devy Digest Grade: A

Sam Franklin

Franklin has been a productive back but to end up at Oklahoma where it will be a log jam is certainly a choice. Maybe he ends up spelling the lead backs and maybe he gets in as the running backs they currently have, do have a history of injuries.
Devy Digest Grade: D

Treshaun Ward

Ward goes to a new program for consecutive years and ends up at Boston College. Currently, the way the roster projects, it might be another 1A and 1B situation with a young running Quarterback.
Devy Digest Grade: C

Marcus Carroll

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Carroll has been a productive back at the G5 level and transfers up to Missouri who has a history of using Running Backs and transfers up in competition. Carroll has the best pedigree of the other G5 backs that have moved up to Missouri, this is an interesting fit. Carroll is betting on himself, and Missouri needs help next year.
Devy Digest Grade: B+

Oscar Adaway

Adaway will be the 1B to Rocket Sanders and he should have good opportunities to be a change of pace back. He won’t get the lion’s share but if he can carve out 10 touches a game, that should be good for him.
Devy Digest Grade: C

Evan Pryor

Pryor ends up at Cincinnati and will form a duo with Corey Kiner. This is a move that will benefit both as we can hope for a 60/40 split between the two. Pryor fell out of favor at Ohio State and will now have a chance to rebuild his stock.
Devy Digest Grade: B-

Anthony Hankerson

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Hankerson goes from Colorado to Oregon State and will try to carve out the DeShaun Fenwick role. We’ll have to see if Oregon State will keep the current system intact or if we see a switch on offense. Damien Martinez without a doubt will be the lead back.
Devy Digest Grade: C

Jawarn Howell

Howell moves up from South Carolina State to South Carolina. The Freshman ran for over 800 yards and I love this move. Howell will get to learn from Rocket Sanders for a year and try to compete for the lead back next year. This is also an indictment on fellow Freshman DJay Braswell, who failed to make an impact for South Carolina.

This is a watch to stash candidate in your C2C leagues. Probably won’t get any major play this year but if he shows to be the 3rd guy on the depth chart, he might have a clear path in 2 years.
Devy Digest Grade: B

Zach Evans

Evans transfers down to North Texas and should compete for the starting role in Spring camp. He has been a player that has flashed and going down to Group of 5 is a positive for his production.
Devy Digest Grade: B