June 21, 2024

Devy Digest: Portal Edition #2 Quarterback Carousel

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Devy Digest Transfer Portal: Quarterbacks

UCLA- Dante Moore was the most experienced of the incoming Freshman this past season and brought with him a lot of poise and good arm accuracy. What we saw was mixed results, he looked solid during the non conference schedule, but as soon as they played Utah, it all unraveled. I blame the play calling in that game, it was his first true road test against a hostile Utah crowd and they did not scheme up quick plays to get him in rhythm or got the run game involved to ease tension. They had a bye week after that and we didn’t see anything change. Moore eventually lost the job and became the starter again towards the end of the season due to injuries and what we saw to end the season was a different Quarterback, not light on his feet but flat footed and sluggish, his passes were tipped and inaccurate. It was not what anyone anticipated and he was recently quoted to essentially stating he wants to go to a program where they teach and develop, he definitely didn’t get any of that at UCLA. Moore seems like a good fit for Ohio State and even Michigan. Michigan came towards the end of the recruitment cycle and made a hard push for him. Moore was initially committed to Oregon, but that seems more of a stop gap option but we shall see, Moore still has a lot of upside but he would be best with an established team around him and Moore can act as a distributor and keep the offense ahead of the chains.

Oregon State- Aidan Chiles is an electric player and we got to see him get slowly integrated into the offense when  His head coach, Jonathan Smith was just recently hired at Michigan State and the two have a very good relationship and both have talked glowingly about the other, it seems a natural fit for Chiles to end up at East Lansing, but if Dante Moore has interest in Michigan State, it will be interesting to see which Quarterback the program chooses to tie themselves to. Chiles has a lively arm and is able to extend plays with his feet and makes off platform throws with ease. Devy Transfer Quarterback
Ohio State- Kyle McCord was expected to lead the Buckeyes to the College Football Playoffs, but instead will have his final career pass at Ohio State being an interception that lost them The Game to arch rival Michigan. McCord couldn’t find any continuity with long time teammate Marvin Harrison Jr, Emeka Egbuka, Carnell Tate and a run game that featured TreVeyon Henderson and Miyan Williams. Ohio State devised a game plan to put him in situations where he could succeed and he was unable to. Simply put he couldn’t be a game manager with key NFL assets at all positions and now transfers out. If he’s looking at a Power 5 school, he won’t find a better opportunity than he had this year, he could have parlayed this one year into the NFL and instead, finds himself out of a home in Columbus. A transfer down to Akron would be best as he would be able to compete at a level that he can win at and perform.

Oklahoma- Dillon Gabriel has been a successful college level Quarterback and all indications he was asked to leave the program as they prepare for the Jackson Arnold era. It is expected that Gabriel will end up at Mississippi State and follow his Offensive Coordinator. Gabriel should find moderate success in the SEC against the lower to mid tier teams. If he does end up at Mississippi State, he will assist in getting that program off to the right foot under Jeff Lebby.

Mississippi State- Will Rogers has a 247 sports crystal ball to Washington. He would be a schematic fit and has good enough mobility and arm talent to win at Washington.

Oregon State- DJ Uiagalelei salvaged his career at Corvallis and now will look for a new home, While he isn’t the prospect we thought he was when he enrolled at Clemson, he is not as bad as we thought when he ended his tenure at Clemson. His next landing spot will need to be the right opportunity if he wants to have any aspirations at playing on Sunday’s. It would be fun if he transfers down and just has fun in his final couple of seasons, but likely he will want to be at a good Power 5 program.

Toledo- Dequan Finn has been a very good CFF Quarterback and word has come in that he is entering the portal. Finn possesses a good arm, makes plays with his feet and has been a multi year Starter. He is someone I would love end up at NC State. Finn has been one of the best dual threat Quarterbacks among the Group of 5.

Georgia- Brock Vandergriff a former 5 star in the composites has lost multiple Quarterback battles at Georgia and now seeks a new home. It has been reported that Kentucky has an eye on him. If that is his destination, he’ll have a couple of good Receivers at his disposal. Vandergriff is an above average athlete with good mobility, can pinpoint his passes and does well with off platform throws. He hasn’t been able to win the job at Georgia, and now he’ll look to salvage any NFL/devy hope at his next destination.

Boise State- Taylen Green had a lot of hype coming into the season. Green brings great size and playmaking athleticism, but Green never took the next step as a passer and in the middle of the season, lost the starting job. Green only got it back due to injury and closed out the season playing well, making most of his plays on the feet. Green is not the most confident passer and excels on the move where he can see the play develop and choose to tuck it and run or make the easy pass that is in his window. He’s a prospect that needs to be developed if he moves up to the Power 5.

Miami (FL)- Tyler Van Dyke has been through different Offensive Coordinators essentially every year, that’s tough for a Quarterback and he’ll have to learn another offense next year. He was at one time, a coveted prospect. He brings good size and traits, but he just never got any continuity at Miami. Does he get another shot at a higher level Power 5 school?

Vanderbilt- AJ Swann has put together a decent couple of years when he has found playing time. There has been a mass exodus at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt is known to be a program that develop guys, they’ll turn 3 stars that nobody wants into viable SEC players, it will be interesting to see where Swann ends up. He’ll need to process defenses at a much quicker pace wherever he gets his next opportunity.

Texas Tech- Tyler Shough reportedly has been in contact with Louisville, it would be a system fit and would be fun to see. It’s been a mix bag so far in his career.

Michigan State- Sam Leavitt was a 4 star True Freshman and brought some intriguing traits, but when everything unraveled in East Lansing, which began with Keon Coleman leaving, anything that happened to any of these players in East Lansing can’t be held against them. They did not suit up a very talented team. Leavitt has a lot of tools and traits, we’ll have to see where he ends up, but he had offers at Washington, Washington State(solid option for him) and Florida State.

Coastal Carolina- Grayson McCall has been linked to NC State and is making a visit. McCall struggled without Jamey Chadwell and he was injured this year and missed some time. It could have been a combination fo things that we saw this year for the decline but he’ll need to show that he belongs at a Power 5 program if he ends up at NC State. He would be best suited at a program like UTSA and against that level of competition.
Baylor- Blake Shapen would be interesting if he ends up at a program similar to UTSA and Western Kentucky. Shapen missed time due to injury this year. It’s tough to see him end up at a high level power 5 school but there are some schools that could fit such as NC State who will be needing an experienced Quarterback. Shapen’s performance has been a mix bag, there have been games where we see flashes of a Quarterback that has something there and then there will be games where he looks lost, he will need to find a right fit for his talents.  A quick tempo that is predicated on timing would be something he would be best suited for, when he holds the ball, that’s when we see negative plays happen.

Florida- Max Brown got to audition for teams when Graham Mertz was injured, with Mertz coming back and highly touted DJ Lagway coming in, Brown saw the writing on the wall, he’s a raw talent but Brown can make plays with his feet and can make the throws when he’s able to see the play develop. He doesn’t anticipate nor throw his receivers open at this point, there needs to be refinement to his game and needs to go to a program that can develop.

Arizona State- Drew Pyne is back in the portal after being in it last year. At this stage, he would be best suited to transfer down to the Group of 5 and just enjoy the game of football.

Kentucky- Destin Wade was a low 4 star and brings with him some tools, he needs refinement and needs to be coached up. We haven’t seen much of him in a College setting, but from his High School tape, he could be a player to watch. He’s likely to end up at a lower tier power 5 if not the Group of 5 where he can be the starter at a lower level program. He offers good size, mobility and good enough arm at this level, he oftentimes will wait for his receiver to get open instead of trusting his receiver and lead it out there.

Utah- Nate Johnson was effective on the ground for Utah, but as a passer struggled. Utah asked him to switch positions to get on the field, but Johnson declined and wants to play the Quarterback position. He would excel at a program like San Jose State that could use his dual threat and softer competition.

UCONN- Zion Turner is interesting. As a True Freshman he saw action and played well considering he wasn’t expected to play. This past season, he lost the Quarterback battle and fell out of favor. Turner will have 3 years of eligibility and he could be a guy to watch at a Group of 5 school where he steps in and takes the job and becomes a CFF sensation. He’s someone I’m keeping an eye on and where he ends up.

Minnesota- Athan Kaliakmanis is just a runner at this stage, he’ll be best suited to transfer down to the Group of 5. He was overwhelmed at Minnesota.

Louisiana Tech- Hank Bachmeier has been reported to be on a visit to Vanderbilt, that would seem like a good landing spot and become a starter at a lower tier Power 5 program. Bachmeier is a dual threat Quarterback at the Group of 5 level, I’m skeptical of his athletic traits against the upper tier Power 5 programs.

South Carolina- Tanner Bailey wasn’t going to beat out LaNorris Sellers, nor would he beat out any portal Quarterback they brought in, so he transferred out and he was an intriguing prospect when he came in. I’d like to see him go to the Group of 5 and get playing time. Bailey is a pocket passer that has enough mobility to move around the pocket, but not really a running threat. Bailey has good accuracy on his short to intermediate throws, he doesn’t possess a strong arm.