April 24, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings-Week 9

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings-Week 9


Andy Pham

 Devy Risers

Georgia QB- Carson Beck has continued to look more and more comfortable as the leader of the program and has built a nice resume in his first year as the starter and has every chance to push for QB1 of the 2025 draft class. Beck doing this without Brock Bowers will impress more as he is without his safety blanket and showing he can make all types of throws, which you love to see for a first year starter towards the end of the season.

Florida WR- Eugene Wilson III has always been the most athletic player in this Florida team and he is proving that he cannot be left off the field and is making tremendous strides as a True Freshman, and you love to see it, he continues to impress with yards after catch and being slippery after the catch, a true playmaker.

Washington WR- Ja’Lynn Polk was always the beneficiary of Jalen McMillan being out, but with both guys healthy, he shined and is the most effective receiver  this year and now might leap into the NFL draft, he is quickly becoming the go to guy for the program and has greatly helped his stock, probably more than anyone has at the position.


Devy Quandaries

Florida RB- Trevor Etienne is still in a timeshare and that was our main concern at the beginning of the year, we understand that Florida wants to use two backs but Etienne has not been consistent enough as a runner and our hypothesis has always been his weight, he came in as a True Freshman bloated and sluggish as a result, he trimmed down and did not have the play strength and now is in flux because of that, the talent is there but Etienne will need to pick a playing weight and learn how to play at that weight, time is running out and he’ll need to decide what kind of runner he wants to be.

Cal RB- Jaydn Ott shows out against poor defenses and while he is on the slighter build, if you like Bucky Irving, you should like this guy as well. Ott has been effective for two seasons against lesser defenses and he is someone that could have some value if you believe Bucky Irving holds value.

Duke WR- Jordan Moore is someone we’ve liked and has traits that the NFL will like. A former Quarterback who transferred to Wide Receiver last year has really only one full offseason to focus on the position, Moore is a Junior who has some very good games and is becoming a better route runner and what has made him impactful thus far is his understanding of the Quarterback position and where to go as a Receiver, now with learning the position on a full time basis has become a better route runner and holds some traits that we like.


Devy Fallers

Ohio State QB- Kyle McCord has not elevated the players around him and its been the inverse, the guys around him have been propping him up. When the team transitions with life after Marvin Harrison, Emeka Egbuka and possibly TreVeyon Henderson, how will this team look? McCord has not been making any NFL type throws, he doesn’t step into his passes to create power in his throws, this situation could be a mess next year.

Washington WR- Jalen McMillan has been someone we’ve been concerned about with his injury and the emergence of Ja’Lynn Polk. We targeted him as a faller and someone that should come back next year in school as he’s been overshadowed by Rome Odunze and now he’s been overshadowed by Polk. He’s someone that if he were to leave, could be that receiver that slips in the draf. He should come back next year.


C2C Names to Watch

Arizona QB- Noah Fifita is only 12% rostered and it appears he will be the starter going forward and he has played tremendous Football and will be in a system that favors the position and Fifita is mobile to accumulate additional points as a rusher. I would spend 25-50% of FAAB depending on the remaining waiver pool in your league, but he is someone that you can start if you are hurting at the position or to stash as someone who has the clear lead at the position. They do have a commit at the position, but the way Fifita is playing, should have the leg up on the job. In an unlimited waiver league, he is a must add, in a limited waiver league, if you need Quarterback help or looking to stash for next year, he’s someone that must be strongly considered.

Georgia Tech WR- Eric Singleton is 17% rostered and a True Freshman whose been effective and under the radar due to the program he plays for, but he is quickly become the go to target for the team and someone that should be rostered across all formats of waivers and you can probably still get him on the cheap, probably around 11-21% FAAB.

Colorado State WR- Justus Ross-Simmons is 18% rostered and is a stash play, he should assume the WR1 role as Tory Horton will move on next year, Ross-Simmons has been an effective possession wide receiver for the program and he has enough wiggle to be effective in those short crossers that they like to run with Horton, he’s someone you probably have to spend about 6-16% FAAB as he did have a good game, but he should be stashed for next year and in limited waiver leagues, if you have a waiver left and don’t have anyone better, he should be strongly considered.

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