June 12, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings – Week 6

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings – Week 6

Devy Risers

Texas RB- Jonathan Brooks will be a mainstay on this section until he gets the recognition he deserves. For weeks now, we have been the leader of this bandwagon and still some people don’t believe. Quinn Ewers struggled against Oklahoma and the constant was Jonathan Brooks, who turned in yet again another 120+ yard game on the ground a touchdown and multiple receptions. He is someone that can easily go late day two, to early day three in the NFL draft and with running backs being devalued in the NFL, that would actually be good draft capital. He has a great combination of size and speed with good vision and someone with soft hands and a willing pass blocker, a prototypical NFL running back.

Kansas RB- Devin Neal put in another efficient performance and every time he touches the ball, something good happens. He’s a true 3 down back with soft hands and someone that should be a valued devy asset. There is that “Kansas” stigma with him, but his tape doesn’t lie and he is someone who should garner late day two or early day three draft capital.

NC State WR- Kevin “KC” Concepcion needed an actual Quarterback and MJ Morris is going to unleash Concepcion’s full potential. He had another great game, 8-102-2 and is becoming someone people should think about as a true devy asset.

Western Kentucky WR- Malachi Corley is a true devy asset and there are many out there that don’t believe. He put up over 200 yards receiving and multiple touchdowns against Louisiana Tech and he is someone that will benefit. If he chooses to leave this year as this receiving class is full of bigger body guys, there aren’t many shifty, slot type built guys in this draft and because of that. A GM  who prefers that body will boost up Corley’s draft stock. This is the perfect draft for Corley to be in, as he has a specialized skill set and a frame that fits the modern day NFL game. We did a Devy Digest player profile on him that you can check out for further background on him, but I fully believe he gets day two draft capital.

Iowa TE- Erick All transferred to Iowa this year and was expected to be a duo at the position but with an injury. All has found himself the Tight End 1 due to Luke Lachey’s injury and he has produced the past couple of weeks as the top guy. The NFL loves Iowa tight ends and you should too.

        Devy Quandaries

Alabama WR- Jermaine Burton Had a career game and if you have any shares of him, now is the time to sell, this pass offense is too volatile and if you’ve been stuck with him, send out feelers and if you can get a mid round supplemental. I would do that all day.

     Devy Fallers

Washington State QB- Cam Ward has his believers out there, but he makes too many mistakes, has questionable processing awareness, and simply isn’t consistent enough to be a true devy asset. We were never believers and you shouldn’t be either.

Clemson QB- Cade Klubnik is not a devy asset, plain and simple. It could be a Dabo issue, but the result is the result and what we see is a guy who just doesn’t play with confidence, an offense who isn’t threatening down field, and a Quarterback who still is having processing issues. If he transfers out and goes to a lesser program, he might be able to salvage any hope, but as it stands today, he just simply isn’t an asset of any kind.

C2C Names to Watch

Arizona RB- Jonah Coleman is 12% rostered and is more of a stash play for next season. Michael Wiley is the presumed starter when healthy and Coleman has been more efficient with his touches compared to Wiley and has been effective in the pass game, with at least 3 catches in the past three games. In limited waivers, if he isn’t picked up now, he’ll be a hot name in late round supplementals next year and acquiring him now, if you have the roster space, will save you a draft pick next spring. A 1-3% FAAB bid should suffice.

Liberty WR- CJ Daniels is 13% rostered and could be a boom/bust flex play. He has been the target that Kaidon Salter looks to when he is in trouble and they have a rapport when the play breaks down. Daniels gets open for Salter and could be someone to use at one of your flex spots. He is probably a 3-7% FAAB guy in unlimited waiver leagues, and if you’re in a limited waiver and the wide receiver options aren’t appealing, I would not be opposed to using a waiver on him and in those limited waivers. A min bid just might do the job to acquire him.

Boise St WR- Eric McAlister is 23% rostered and has emerged as the go to target. He has become the go to guy in the system and we were waiting for someone to emerge. He makes plays deep and is good after the catch. The Quarterback play from a passing perspective needs improvement and Boise St has implemented a Two-QB system to try and trigger something in the pass game. The flow of this offense can get disrupted by the QB change as they will rotate QB’s on the same drive, but McAlister is someone that should be the lead target earner and in conference play. That should amount to some decent start weeks. 5-8% FAAB should secure him.

UMASS WR- Anthony Simpson is 31% rostered and is the big play threat for this UMASS offense(going over 100 yards in 3 of the last 4 games) that should be trailing in most games. With that game script, he could be an easy flex option and worth an add if you have the roster space for him. 3-6% FAAB just might suffice and in some cases a min bid will do the job.

Musings Wrap up

USC and Arizona went to a 3 overtime thriller and the USC defense continues to be the issue for this program, they for whatever reason refuse to run the ball and give it to RB- MarShawn Lloyd and choose to throw the ball and not eat clock to secure a win. Lincoln Riley perhaps is just showcasing QB- Caleb Williams to win back to back Heisman but one of these weeks, that game plan will come back and bite them. Speaking of bad defenses, Texas is after all back, back to losing that is. Their defense was abysmal and allowed Oklahoma with numerous opportunities to add points on the board. Alabama is starting to find themselves midway through the season and QB- Jalen Milroe, is starting to look comfortable in the offense which has been simplified. The run game is still lacking and the receiving group is inconsistent, but they find a way. Oregon and Washington both on bye and both have an extra week to prepare for their matchup next week and that should be a great game from a devy perspective and a game that could eliminate one team from playoff contention. UCLA and QB- Dante Moore looked good in winning a tough matchup against Washington State and all these little bumps will help Moore down the line. Florida State’s RB- Trey Benson finally had a relevant game and those with shares are happy. I still question the validity of his devy stock and if you have any concerns, now is the time to sell. Missouri’s WR- Luther Burden continues to step up and make plays and looks really good, those that believed are being rewarded. Everything finally clicked with UTSA, we look to see if they can continue next week as this was an offense many invested heavily in. One final CFF mention is Utah State seems to have pieced everything together, the receiving group of Terrell Vaughn, Jalen Royals and Micah Davis have really come into their own and in doing so is taking pressure off the Quarterback and allowing run lanes for the running back group which is led by Davon Booth and Robert Briggs Jr.