July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings Week 4

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings Week 4

Devy Risers

Syracuse RB- LeQuint Allen has always been a Devy Digest favorite and we are finally seeing the volume that we expected and Allen has produced. He is also showing his hands in the receiving game that we have always loved. He is also a willing blocker in pass protection which checks off another box on him being a viable 3 down back.

TCU RB- Emani Bailey has been someone we featured and he backed up our support by putting up 126 yards on the ground and a nice touchdown against SMU. He has good vision, patient when needs to be and explosive through the hole while being a violent runner who has capable hands. We know TCU likes the feature one back and give them the volume to prove themselves to NFL scouts and Bailey is the next back in line to showcase if he belongs at the next level.

NC State WR- Kevin “KC” Concepcion is here. 6-116-2 including a beautiful 48 yard touchdown grab and scamper. The true Freshman leads the team in receptions and has become the go to option for QB- Brennan Armstrong. We’ve been championing for him for some time and I would be bold enough to say, we were one of the if not the first to hype him up. What we loved in his high school tape has translated to NC State instantly. He has such a high IQ football player, who always finds the soft spot in his defense. He shows his numbers to his quarterback to make his target bigger and flashes in the open field.  KC is so slippery and fun to watch and an exquisite route runner. He is a name that will only grow and quickly has transformed from a CFF asset to a devy asset in only his 4th collegiate game…truly impressive.

Oklahoma WR- Andrel Anthony is someone that has always flirted with devy potential. A former high recruit at Michigan, who transferred to Oklahoma has benefitted from Keyon Brown being academically ineligible and transferring out and with the majority of that wide receiver room being more of a slot build. Anthony has always been the deep threat, even at his days at Michigan. As a Junior, he still has eligibility left, and has started to find his way at Oklahoma, putting together back to back 100 yard games and is a sneaky buy low opportunity.

Michigan TE-Colston Loveland is someone we’ve been drastically higher than consensus on and it is due to his unique skill set that will be an asset in the NFL. He is a former Wide Receiver that has transitioned nicely to the Tight End position,as he is a willing blocker and will support in the run game. He is being used in the slot and has been used as an end around and push pass motion guy for Michigan, and will be someone who plays on Sunday’s and at a position where it is a vast and wide wasteland. Loveland is someone that projects nicely at the next level and in a Tight End Premium league on the NFL side, will be a nice asset to have.

Devy Quandaries

Boise St RB- Ashton Jeanty is a supreme talent, but G5 running backs becoming devy assets is a long road but is a road that Jeanty is on. He has good hands and has enough wiggle to get to the second level. The question will be competition of play and his long speed versus the premier athlete, but you have to like what he’s done so far in his young career.

Marshall RB- Rasheen Ali has been a CFF darling from day 1 and we mentioned how tough it is for G5 RB’s to get NFL draft capital but all this guy does is produce, he has a good combination of size and speed and at 6’0″ 209lbs, meets the threshold we like for an NFL back. He has good vision and anticipates an open hole, he also has a very nice receiving profile, and he has 3 years of eligibility left. Keep in mind, these G5 guys have to be absolute standouts to garner any NFL draft capital. We mentioned Jeanty earlier and Ali now and these really are the only two guys who have a shot. Both are day 3 type of guys who could turn into key handcuffs at the next level.

SMU WR- Jordan Hudson is someone who isn’t being helped by the volume currently, and some could be leery on his devy stock. We expected Hudson to be the second target behind WR- Jordan Kerley but QB Preston Stone is spreading the ball around and not honing in on a target. The Rashee Rice type of production we expected, just simply hasn’t been there. I would buy low on Hudson and see what happens next year and beyond. Hudson has looked goof when he’s been given the chance, we’d like to see the targets be more funneled than they are now.

Devy Fallers

Florida St RB- Trey Benson– We were always lower than consensus for multiple reasons that included lack of true quick burst acceleration and medical concerns at the next level. He still can’t get anything going on the ground. With him getting receiving work, there are Benson truthers out there and you might be able to recoup some value, so if you are currently rostering Benson and want to sell him off. I equate him to a Michael Pittman, as there’s always one or two managers in every league that absolutely love him and you can capitalize on that. Florida State has Virginia Tech next week, so you can start to send out feelers this week, hope he has a huge game, and sell him off if you are out on him.

Alabama Receiving Room– Nobody has emerged and we thought last year was bad when nobody stepped up. This year, it’s just a hodgepodge of bodies, as the latest guy to step up is true Freshman Jalen Hale. Ja’Corey Brooks has virtually been nonexistent all year long, Malik Benson hasn’t been able to find playing time, Jermaine Burton usually has 1 nice catch a game but no volume to sustain his value, Isaiah Bond has been hit and miss in his games, and Kendrick Law is a gadgety type that they don’t scheme up. The room is too volatile and nobody is truly a devy asset as of now.

C2C Names to Watch

Colorado St QB- Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi is about 6% rostered and is a Freshman for the program that has secured the job. If you’re weak at the position, he should be someone you should think about as we know the system is one that is QB friendly and has good production. There might be other Quarterbacks that are available, but due to service time you’ll have, he’s someone to consider. 5% or less FAAB budget.

Western Michigan RB- Jalen Buckley has been on this list multiple times now and is still only 41% rostered. He is a CFF machine and only a redshirt Freshman. He needs to be rostered in any format and is worth a good 40-60% of FAAB. He is a set it and forget guy in your starting lineups. Western Michigan is horrible and he is the majority of that offense. Get him now.

San Diego State WR- Baylin Brooks is about 0% rostered and this Freshman had a breakout game against Boise State, this isn’t your typical San Diego State defense, this defense is porous and will leak points all Mountain West season and San Diego State will need to keep up with points and Brooks showed glimpses of a potential name to have rostered, as he hauled in 5 catches for 117 yards and a touchdown. He is someone to roster in unlimited waiver leagues and minimal FAAB should be spent.

Clemson WR- Tyler Brown is about 3% rostered and although he will be the 4th receiver on the depth chart and he is gaining the trust of the coaching staff. He filled in greatly for Antonio Williams who was forced to miss the game, but make no mistake, this is a talent that is finding his way on the field. In an unlimited waiver league, he is someone that should be considered for less than 10% of your FAAB.

Musings Recap

A lot of good matchups and names to mention. We saw USC back after their bye week and QB- Caleb Williams continues to shine. Tulane’s QB- Michael Pratt came back from injury and helped Tulane to a victory. Missouri’s QB- Brady Cook led them to a win and put up good numbers and is getting more comfortable in the system. Washington’s QB- Michael Penix continues to put up numbers and making a strong case for possible QB3 of the 2024 draft class. Arkansas RB- Rocket Sanders missed another game but was at least starting to practice the last week and might have a shot at returning next week. Ohio State’s RB- TreVeyon Henderson looks explosive with his opportunities and that burst is back. USC’s RB- Marshawn Lloyd has looked really good and averaged over 10 yards per carry this past weekend against Arizona State, also from that game WR- Zachariah Branch continues to make an impact as a true Freshman. Speaking of true Freshman, Texas WR- Johntay Cook II made a nice play with a reception for 51 yards, hopefully we see more of him as the season goes on. Florida State’s WR- Keon Coleman had another monster game with 2 touchdowns and helping them to a win over Clemson. Western Kentucky’s WR- Malachi Corley had another good game and is someone who might forego the rest of his eligibility and go to the NFL, we’ll have to see what happens there. Houston’s WR- Matthew Golden finally had a nice game and should ease some concerns of devy and C2C managers and we look forward to continue production from him and fellow WR- Sam Brown. A couple of injuries to monitor, Ohio State’s WR- Marvin Harrison Jr who came back after his ankle being rolled up on was seen being helped off the field after the game and Missouri’s WR- Luther Burden was also hurt, a couple of names to monitor and see if there’s any prolonged issues there. All in all, it was a fun weekend and we now look to week 5.