June 13, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings Week 2

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings Week 2

Devy Risers

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Kansas- RB Devin Neal was someone we liked more than others when doing his profile. He is a willing pass protector and has soft hands which makes him a 3 down back. He continues to be very efficient with his touches and is someone that can garner day two draft capital, while being productive enough to start in C2C leagues.

Texas- RB Jonathon Brooks is going to continue to have a large role in the offense and he continues to show why. He runs hard and is not easy to bring down, while having enough wiggle to make a guy miss. He also has good enough hands where he isn’t a liability in the receiving game. CJ Baxter will continue to earn more opportunities, but Brooks is someone that has a key role in a potent offense and a program that has a lot of attention. He’ll be playing on Sundays at the next level and is someone that can be acquired cheaply in C2C leagues.

Texas- WR Adonai Mitchell is a viable WR2 for Texas and, due to the weapons on the team, will have ample opportunity to shine vs man coverage or zone coverage as opposing defenses have to play the entire field and can’t solely focus on one player.

Houston- WR Sam Brown was always someone that held value in C2C and CFF formats. Coming into the season, he was projected as the Cougar’s WR2 who would get a target boost with the vacated targets left by Tank Dell and the allure of Matthew Golden. However, Brown has been a viable option and someone that should be considered as a devy asset. He is the deep threat in this offense and has made progress with character concerns from last year. He is someone you should be inquiring about in all C2C formats.

Devy Quandaries

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Ohio State- TreVeyon Henderson has been a faller for me. After a tremendous true Freshman season, he’s been used as a committee back with backs that aren’t as talented as him. This isn’t a Penn State, Michigan, or Florida situation where they have multiple backs who are just as talented. Miyan Williams and Chip Trayanum shouldn’t be getting as many carries, and while it might be due to the opposition and not how they value the room, it’s something that is a little concerning. I always had questions about his durability and how he would be viewed at the next level. He profiles as more of a 3rd down back in the NFL to me.

Alabama- RB Jase McClellan is not very efficient, nor will he get the bulk of the carries due to the depth of the backfield. He hasn’t looked very good this year, but the NFL values Bama running backs. McClellan doesn’t look like a back who is able to create for himself. He is the lead back for a powerhouse factory in Alabama, but I’ve never been a huge fan of his.

Devy Fallers

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Alabama- RB Jam Miller is in a tough spot. He’s playing behind Jace McClellan and behind him is highly touted true Freshman Justice Haynes, who has looked more explosive. It feels like Miller will get leap frogged in the pecking order and like someone who will transfer out. Jam doesn’t have the receiving profile, so he isn’t someone that can secure a role in the offense like Roydell Williams and true Freshman Richard Young can. I would try to sell Jam Miller right now while his stock hasn’t completely plummeted.

Oklahoma- RB Jovantae Barnes had offseason surgery due to a dead bone in his leg. He was never someone that looked efficient and his usage is now taking a hit.

C2C names to watch

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Wake Forest- RB Demond Claiborne has been pretty efficient with his touches, and while he lacks the long speed to take it to the house, he has enough elusiveness to pick up yards on the ground. Wake Forest is a pretty potent offense with the tempo they run and Claiborne should be a name to watch.

Western Michigan- RB Jalen Buckley has been very efficient with his touches and showed his explosiveness with a 75 yard burst and touchdown against a power 5 defense in Syracuse The game script got away from Western Michigan, but he is someone that has made the most with his touches.

NC State- WR Kevin Concepcion as a true Freshman, leads the team in receptions. We like the fact that he is being targeted and while watching the tape, it’s easy to see why. KC finds ways to get open and is currently being used as the short to intermediate option to move the chains. It’s only a matter of when his route tree is expanded. We like his usage so far and he has become the safety blanket for QB Brennan Armstrong.

Auburn- TE Rivaldo Fairweather transferred up from FIU and I liked his athletic traits. He looks to be a possible mismatch in coverage as the season progresses. Auburn hasn’t looked very good so far, but someone is going to emerge in this passing game and it’s worth a dart throw.

Musings Wrap Up

Could Texas actually be back? Quinn Ewers showed poise and made the plays when the team needed it. Alabama’s Jalen Milroe throws a great deep ball, but will need to improve on processing the defense to be a complete quarterback. We saw Devin Brown play the entire second half for Ohio State and it appears, while he is talented, he is still raw. TCU’s Emani Bailey appears to be the clear RB1 and it was indeed the fumble last week that put Trey Sanders into the forefront. Utah’s RB Micah Bernard has been ruled out for the season, so all Ja’Quinden Jackson managers have life again. It was good for Clemson wide receivers to show out, albeit against lesser competition, but Beaux Collins and Antonio Williams had good days. Florida’s Eugene Wilson earned more playing time, which will be important for Florida as he is the most explosive player on that team.