June 12, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings- Week 13 Our Season Finale

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings- Week 13 Our Season Finale

Devy Risers

Texas RB- Jaydon Blue received double-digit touches for the first time in his career and he showed his ability and has that second gear to run away from defenders. A former highly coveted recruit had to wait his turn and see some guys jump ahead of him, but his performance will force the coaches to scheme up touches for him, and if they don’t another coach at another program will. He has at least two more opportunities to put together an impressive tape for the offseason, we told you to buy low when Jonathan Brooks went down, and we’re seeing everything come to fruition.

TCU RB- Emani Bailey showed out and should easily be a top 5 Running back should he choose to forego his remaining eligibility, it’s a soft Running Back draft class, and it will be interesting to see what Bailey does in the next couple of months. The running back class for next year appears to be stronger, but Bailey could use the extra year to refine additional traits. We know the shelf life of Running Backs is short, if he receives word of a possible day-two draft grade, he should test the waters.



Kansas RB- Devin Neal simply doesn’t get enough touches. He’s always been efficient with his opportunities but rarely does he get more than 15 carries a game and with Kansas using backup Quarterback, they still never leaned heavily on Neal. While that keeps him fresh for the NFL, it is a little concerning, is it that Tony Pollard effect where he only has a certain amount of juice in him and if you ask for more, it becomes a diminishing return on investment? He’s still a riser for us based on his profile, but one alarming trait is the workhorse role.

NC State WR- Kevin “KC” Concepcion was our sleeper to start the season and he is a full-on Devy Digest Darling, it will be interesting to see if he stays, does NC State grab a veteran out of the portal to pair with KC or does KC test the waters himself. He’s a very advanced route runner for his age and has a knack for getting open and being a friendly target for whoever his Quarterback is. We saw KC become the go-to receiver for 2 separate Quarterbacks this year as a True Freshman, that cannot be stated enough. He is a true talent.

Georgia Tech WR- Eric Singleton has been a true sensation as a Freshman, he is a speedster and takes the top off a defense, he has creativity after the catch. He’s someone that isn’t on the radar and should be.


Devy Quandaries

Oregon State QB- Aidan Chiles has an interesting decision to make, does he stay with an entirely new coaching staff and play a non-power 5 schedule or does he follow his coach to Michigan State where the cupboards are bare and they move into a new Big Ten landscape, or does he open his recruitment all over again, the next couple of months will be huge and determine his future.


UCLA QB- Dante Moore had a shaky Freshman season, he looked great in the non-conference portion but once Pac-12 play hit, we saw Moore not being able to process defenses at a high rate, making a lot of incorrect reads, and lately, Moore stands flat-footed in the pocket and doesn’t have that sense of pressure and we’re not seeing the arm torque. We read reports of Moore having arm fatigue during Spring camp, now we’re seeing him stand flat-footed and many passes being deflected or off target. There were rumors of Moore being unhappy with his NIL deal, he was previously committed to Oregon and is from Michigan, does he choose to go elsewhere, Chip Kelly has been rumored to be on the hot seat. UCLA moves to the Big Ten next year and UCLA just simply doesn’t put their playmakers out there for success.


Devy Fallers

Ohio State QB- Devin Brown couldn’t beat out Kyle McCord and we’ve seen McCord struggle this year. Brown would be best suited to transfer out as Ohio State brings in a highly coveted True Freshman at the position next year and Kyle McCord will likely return. Brown is from Utah, could he transfer to BYU or head further west to Washington or Oregon and stay within the Big 10 conference? There are too many red flags with his profile and a likely transfer portal destination, we will have to let Brown prove that he deserves to be a devy asset.


C2C Names to Watch

Arkansas State QB- Jaylen Raynor is only 44% rostered and should be taken early in the supplemental draft, where the devy assets start to diminish and you ponder your move to the CFF portion of the draft. Each strategy is different and each league is different, what might be a 4th round guy in one league might be a 7th in another. Raynor projects to be a high-level CFF asset and I would start to look at him when tier-3 Freshman players are on the board.

Iowa State RB- Abu Sama III is 3% rostered and was overlooked to start the season, there was Cartavious Norton ahead of him who had a decent enough Freshman season that it was hard to see Sama get significant opportunities, but Norton has been hurt and the backfield for that program as a whole has been hurt and that paved the way for Sama to get touches and he has shined in his chances, his lateral movement is next level, that is his calling card and is someone that has juice, he looks to bounce his runs out, that is due to what he knows from being in High School, see space, go to space, but a full offseason and a good diet, we should see him welcome tacklers next year. Norton will still be there, but Sama has a path and should be considered early when you have your supplemental draft in the spring.


Musings Wrap up

It was a fun season that went by too fast, as the 2024 draft-eligible prospects make their decision, we look forward to the offseason, where we will see the Freshman, have a full year under their belt refine their craft, and try to make an impact for their program as second-year guys, we’ll see incoming High School Seniors enter their next chapter as True Freshman that we will focus on in the offseason. We’ll have the portal, where familiar names end up in new destinations. We’ll see guys make a jump in the depth chart. Who will be an early enrollee and who will make an impact right away? The college landscape is ever evolving and we’ll be there for you to keep you up to date. I thank everyone for reading our Monday Musings weekly and we’ll be back for the 2024 season where we see USC take on LSU in Vegas in what should be an exciting game with new Championship aspirations. We’ll have new content for you in the offseason, but 2023 Monday Musings is a wrap.