June 21, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings-Week 11

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings-Week 11

Andy Pham

Devy Risers

Georgia QB-Carson Beck continues to look better with each passing week and should he return next year, has all the potential to be a 1st round pick and make a case for the QB1 of the 2025 class.  He has been climbing the devy rankings all season, and has options on how to use his eligibility. devy
Alabama QB-Jalen Milroe has looked better with each passing week as well. Alabama made a change in philosophy after their loss and when they named Milroe as the starter again after being benched after the Texas loss. They’ve simplified their concepts to allow Milroe to read and react with 2 main reads. Milroe, from all reports, has matured from his benching as it was reported, he was not happy to split reps after the Texas game. Milroe should stay for another year to continue and develop and could very well turn into the next Alabama product that goes early in the NFL draft.  He is worth a flyer in leagues where you can make mid-season devy adds.  

Oregon State RB-Damien Martinez was someone that we’ve loved from the start as we stated he reminds us of Marshawn Lynch. Martinez coming in only had 3 touchdowns on the year as he kept getting poached in the green zone, but finally had luck on his side with 4 touchdowns this past weekend. We proclaimed him the RB2 of the 2025 class in our devy rankings before the start of the season.

Kansas RB- Devin Neal for some reason doesn’t get more than 15 touches a game often but has always been efficient with his touches and proved once again of that when Kansas gave him the ball 19 times and he produced. Without a Quarterback going forward, Kansas must rely on him and should continue to put up numbers. He has the vision and speed you like to see and excellent hands. He has the ability to be a 3 down back at the next level.
Washington WR- Germie Bernard is someone you need to buy now. Even if Ja’Lynn Polk returns and they bring in a portal QB such as Maalik Murphy or Devin Brown, he will be a major contributor and has all the makeup of a NFL and devy asset. He’s very toolsy and I’ve compared him to a juiced up Curtis Samuel, very good with the ball in his hands and has the speed and route running ability to win in the slot or out wide.


Devy Quandaries

Florida RB- Trevor Etienne while gaining almost 100 yards and 3 touchdowns, still doesn’t really have a receiving profile. He did get more carries than stablemate Montrell Johnson, but it was Johnson that had 6 catches to Etienne’s 1. Coming into the season, his two main goals were to be a better pass blocker and be involved in the pass game, neither have come to fruition. There are still many believers in him, but if you have any hesitation, now is the time to sell him, people will see 3 touchdowns and get more carries than Johnson and think it’s finally happening.  Think about possibly trading him for another devy asset or devy picks.

Penn State RB- Kaytron Allen has been someone that we’ve liked more than consensus and while he has a very good game against a stout Michigan defense, I still cannot get out of my head that a 300lb defensive lineman chased him down, yes Allen had a stutter step that slowed him down, but he didn’t show a quick acceleration after that step and got ran down.

Cal RB- Jaydn Ott was someone that looks great against weaker competition and has been someone that we have moved up and down our rankings as Cal brought in a slew of transfer running backs that all got hurt or haven’t panned out, that made us think, at the time that Cal wasn’t really happy with the position. Ott has a polarizing tape as well. At times he misses open lanes and what was a 4 yard gain, could have been a burst for 20+. His vision has gotten better, but still inconsistent, but he’s learning and getting better at it. Ott has a good burst and adequate hands, he’s someone that is flirting with a fringe “devy” label, very much in line with Bucky Irving. devy
Duke WR- Jordan Moore is someone we’ve flirted with in the past. Moore is a converted Quarterback who is learning his new position and brings along the knowledge of where he should be for his Quarterback. He is starting to blossom right in front of our eyes and might gain some devy buzz.


Devy Fallers

Penn St QB- Drew Allar was our preseason stock down player in our devy rankings and we’ve seen that come to fruition. There was hype around him was that he would be a Josh Allen type clone, but as of now, he’s more of a Taysom Hill clone. He doesn’t process reading defenses well, does not make the anticipatory throws you expect from a top prospect, and he gets rattled too quickly and wants to take off and run. He’s most comfortable running the football and to showcase an example, at the end of the first half in the Michigan game, on a key 4th down play, they had Allar pitch it behind the line of scrimmage and threw it back to him so he could bulldoze his way for a first down, You wouldn’t see that from a top prospect, you would want him to make plays with the ball in his hands for the duration of the play, not a gimmick Taysom Hill type of play scheme. Take that for what you will. devy

C2C Names to Watch

Arizona RB- Jonah Coleman is only 32% rostered and he’s been on this list before. He needs to be rostered before your waivers close for your league. He will be the main back next year and is already on the plus side of a timeshare now. He has juice and Arizona will need him next year. At this point in the league year, he is worth 100% of your remaining FAAB. He is a MUST add.

Boise State WR- Prince Strachan is only 1% rostered and with all the turnover at Boise State from Eric McAlister leaving to their Quarterback carousel, Strachan has a clear pathway to become a CFF asset. They have a pretty good recruiting class coming in but Strachan has a leg up and should be one of the starters next year and while he did have a blow up game and you’ll have to spend more, it won’t be astronomical. I would spend about 8-16% of FAAB.

Colorado State WR- Justus Ross-Simmons is only 19% rostered and he has a clear pathway to be the WR1 for the program next year. He’s a different receiver profile than Tory Horton. Ross-Simmons is more of a possession receiver and not the same breakaway threat Horton is, but he has enough speed to get away from the first defender. Ross-Simmons is also a thicker build and is able to handle those underneath crossers that they like to run and be able to take on defenders. He is someone that should be stashed for next year. I would spend 11-21% FAAB to ensure the bid goes through.

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