July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Monday Musings – Week 10

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Devy Digest: Monday Musings – Week 10

Andy Pham

Devy Risers

Liberty QB- Kaidon Salter has been one of my favorite CFF Quarterbacks and I’m ready to put him in the devy bucket now. A former top 100 recruit who initially enrolled at Tennessee, has ended up at Liberty due to some off field issues and by all indications, has made some changes and is solely focused on Football. Liberty hired Jamey Chadwell uses a variation of a heavy RPO with triple option smattered throughout and has good passing concepts. In this system, the Quarterback needs to make quick decisions and play within rhythm. You’ll see that when the reads aren’t there, Salter will improvise and does well with off platform throws. Salter is elevating his teammates and that is something you need to see when a former top 100 recruit goes down to the G5 level. When you watch his film, he makes throws to the second and third level and isn’t hesitant about doing so. Salter throws with anticipation and has the ability to make his throw to the second window to bypass a Linebacker who is in his way but can make throws over a defender with touch if needed. This is the first year in this system and I expect next year, you’ll see the full playbook available to Kaidon Salter. As of now, he isn’t asked to throw the ball 30+ times a game, so you need to watch his throws with that in mind more than you would with Michael Penix who will throw it 40+ times a game and you see throwaway plays. Salter, for now, has a more condensed tape that you need to consider when evaluating. There are times when you watch him play he’ll make a throw that only the receiver can get to and Salter has the arm and accuracy you like to see from a young prospect. Salter needs more refinement to his game, and that comes with live bullets. There are times where, he makes the wrong read and trusts his talent too much. Salter uses his mobility to keep defenses honest. Salter’s play style is a hybrid of Colin Kaepernick and Justin Fields. The offense creates a lot of mismatches but in today’s NFL, they use similar concepts.  Salter’s script is one that most will say is unlikely to garner NFL buzz, a former top 100 recruit who gets dismissed from a power 5 program and ends up at a lower school where he is the big fish in a small pond, but you have to treat each individual situation as its own story and I’ve watched enough tape of him that I’m willing to call him a devy asset.

Clemson RB- Phil Mafah has always been the better RB at Clemson and he was able to showcase that this past weekend when Will Shipley was out. Mafah is the back with all the tools and the juice between the two but it’s Will Shipley who gets the recognition. Clemson doesn’t beat Notre Dame without Phil Mafah.

Michigan WR- Roman Wilson appears to be locked in as a top 3 slot option for the 2024 NFL Draft. He’s shown the consistency that he’s lacked in past seasons and he’s put it together. He has verified speed and athletic measures that will bode well come combine season. He’ll make a rise once the testing is done, he’s a riser due to his stature and play style, this 24 WR class features bigger bodies that project to the outside. Emeka Egubka, Malachi Corley and Roman Wilson are the top slot receivers.


Devy Quandaries

Nebraska WR- Malachi Coleman is someone who is quietly putting together a good enough Freshman season to build to next Spring and vie for a starting role. You can get him on the cheap as the manager who has him, probably sees his box score stats and thinks a mid round Supplemental pick is worth it. He was the coup of the Matt Rhule recruiting class this past season and is someone that is quietly earning more playing time. I wouldn’t categorize him as a Devy Riser and he’s rostered too much to be on Waivers, so he goes in this bucket. At most a mid round and a late round swap should be enough to acquire Coleman.


Devy Fallers

Washington State QB- Cam Ward was never someone we liked, he’s been far too inconsistent and has trouble processing defenses when he moves off his first target. While he has the arm, he just lacks too many traits to be anything more than a decent CFF play.


C2C Names to Watch

Arizona QB- Noah Fifita makes a reappearance here as he is still only 14% rostered. He has a stranglehold of that job and even if it’s an open competition come next Spring, Arizona’s top receiver is Tet McMillan and the two have a connection that dates back to High School. The offense is in rhythm and I would expect Fifita to stay at the top of the depth chart. The cost to acquire him was cheaper last week, when we brought him up. I would suggest with it being towards the end of the year and depending on the depth of the Waiver for QB’s might end up costing 20%+. In an unlimited waiver league, he is a must add. In limited waivers with it being towards the end of the year, if you don’t have a pressing need at a certain position, he needs to be in the top 3 of considerations. I would spend about 11-26% FAAB just based on the various scenarios that are out there

Wisconsin QB- Braedyn Locke is another who makes a reappearance here as he is 3% rostered. He was taken out of the portal by this coaching staff and was expected to be the 3rd string QB, all spring the coaches kept bringing him up as someone who’s taken to the system, he won the backup role with his play and he’s been auditioning for the job next year and he hasn’t embarrassed himself, he is another who will more than likely be in an open competition come next Spring but should have the lead based on his play to end the season. He has shown the ability to navigate the system and as Wisconsin brings in more guys who will fit what they want to do, it should make Locke a potential CFF play. Locke is worth a stash that will cost you 0-2% FAAB. He is worth the risk in unlimited waiver leagues and if you are in a limited league and have other options, you can probably take him in the final few rounds of the Supplemental draft come next Spring.

James Madison WR- Elijah Sarratt is 13% rostered and has eligibility remaining, he is more of a stash for next year in this offense that will have enough volume to sustain a bench worthy spot and could be a flex play in some weeks. He is someone that can be obtained for a 0-2% FAAB or a late round Supplemental pick if you’re in a limited waiver league.