July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Nico Iamaleava

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Tennessee Volunteers

QB Nico Iamaleava
6’5″ 195lbs
5* in the composites
High School: Warren High School
Draft Eligible: 2026

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Nico Iamaleava

Who is Nico Iamaleava?

Nico is a 5* Quarterback in the composites and depending on the recruiting services you look at was top 2 overall prospect. Nico was a dual sport athlete in High School, spending additional time playing Volleyball. On the football field as a Senior, Nico threw for over 1700 yards and threw for 25 touchdowns and gaining nearly 400 yards on the ground. As a Junior Nico completed 59% of his passes and threw for over 2,200 yards and threw 35 touchdowns. Nico has a cannon for an arm, and is an athlete who isn’t afraid to take off and run with it. Nico trusts his arm and will scramble to allow additional time for his receivers and he will delivery a strike on the run. Nico doesn’t need to set his feet and does very well on off script plays. While watching his tape, he does struggle with pocket awareness. He will stand there surveying the field, when he should be shuffling out or climbing the pocket and he takes unnecessary hits. Nico has a slight build for someone who is 6’5″ . That will be a concern in the SEC, let alone in the NFL. His frame can add on an additional 20lbs, and he’ll need to put that on. He won’t be someone that will be 230lbs, but at 195lbs him taking hits as he scrambles will be a concern, a very lanky Quarterback. Nico wasn’t asked to go through his reads all that often, typically it was one read and go, but at the High School level, that is not uncommon. Nico also, at times will simply miss his target, that can be fixed with coaching.

Pathway to Success

Nico will sit behind the presumed starter, Joe Milton. As a true Freshman, Nico can see playing time during blowouts and if the season doesn’t go the way Tennessee expects, he could be thrust into the starting role. Either way, next year should be Nico’s year. Josh Heupel’s system is Quarterback friendly, typically spaced out receivers with one primary read and a safety valve. It isn’t complicated and should enhance the talent that Nico has, the rocket arm and athleticism. Nico landed in a great spot and paired with a coach who will play to his strengths.


Nico needs to put on weight, simply put. 6’5″ 195lbs from the Tennessee Volunteer athletic website. Potentially, sitting year one and focus on the weight room and putting on weight should benefit him. While Nico is mobile, seeing him take off and run will make you hold your breath during SEC play. Nico’s accuracy hopefully will be worked on and be coached up.

Freshman Outlook

As with majority of the incoming Freshman Quarterbacks, we knew they wouldn’t see substantial playing time, barring extreme circumstances and that should be remembered. All indications show Nico will be the guy next year and he will take over a team that will be restocked and loaded for a potential playoff appearance.

Devy Value

Nico is a buy in devy, C2C and CFF formats due to the high probability of great stats while at Tennessee and has great tools to become a high draft pick for the NFL. In supplementals, Nico is going in the first round and he goes early in C2C startups.

NFL Outlook

Top 10 is definitely in the range of outcomes for Nico, but he does bring some concerns, his weight, his pocket awareness, and his accuracy concerns at times, but he is an elite prospect that should put up enormous numbers while in College and is athletic enough to test well at the combine.