July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Jaden Rashada

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jaden-rashada-practice-throw-arizona-state-us Arizona State Sun Devils
Jaden Rashada
6’4″ 185lbs
4* in the composites
High School: Pittsburgh High- Pittsburgh, California
Draft Eligible: 2026


Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Jaden Rashada

Who is Jaden Rashada?

Rashada started his last two years in High School and compiled over 5,800 yards and 80 touchdowns and nearly 600 yards on the ground and 9 additional touchdowns, while completing 60% of his passes. Rashada was a dual sport athlete in High School as he played baseball as well. Rashada made the rounds on the All Star circuit as he appeared in the Under Armour game and he was selected to the Elite 11. Rashada has a nice frame to add on an additional 15-20lbs easily. What I enjoyed about Rashada, is the moment was never too big for him, he played with poise and the game never appeared too fast for him. Rashada has good pocket awareness and will climb the pocket as well as escape the pocket. Rashada has a nice arm and makes off scripted plays seem normal. His baseball background is evident when as he is fluid in his mechanics. Rashada has a nice touch to the ball and places the ball out of harms way and to where his receivers can make a play. He shows maturity beyond his age on the field as he anticipates and throws his receivers open.

Rashada feels like Justin Fields with the ground game, he has the ability to do so, but he hasn’t utilize it as he wants to make the play with his arm. At the next level, we hope he finds a nice balance and use his legs as he is mobile and when he does run, he’s very good at it. Rashada is famously known for the failed NIL deal at Florida where they couldn’t come up with the $15mill funds promised to him and Rashada ended up committing to Arizona St. As of 8/22/23, Rashada was named the starting Quarterback for the Sun Devils for Coach Kenny Dillingham who is a Quarterback guru and has the ability to mold his Quarterback as he leads Arizona State into a new future.

Pathway to Success

As we discussed in this Freshman Quarterback series that none of these Freshman were anticipated to start, for Rashada to earn the starting spot, it is quite impressive. Dante Moore is currently fighting for the job but as of now Rashada is the only Freshman to win the job outright in their first year on campus. Elijhah Badger, whom we covered early on in the infancy of the Devy Digest, will be Rashada’s wide receiver one and is a big bodied receiver whom will help Rashada, so too will tight end Jalin Conyers. To take pressure off Rashada, Arizona State has running back Cam Skattebo who has garnered some devy hype as of late as the next Arizona State running back to get draft capital in the NFL. Overall, Coach Kenny Dillingham runs a Quarterback friendly offense that will help with his read progressions and starting from day one is only a plus for Rashada.


Rashada was never asked to go through his progressions on a consistent basis. It was a two read offense and he would scramble to buy time or climb the pocket to find his outlet. Rashada has the tools for the NFL but we need to see him go through his progressions which, at this level is a common concern. Rashada is also hesitant to take off and run too much. It could be a situation where he wants to preserve his body and not take the unnecessary hits, but whatever the reason is, we’d like to see him take off more. While he gained over 400 yards on the ground as a Senior, there were times where he could have taken off to pick up an easy first down, but chose to find a receiver and use his arm.

Freshman Outlook

Rashada is starting day one, that is not something anyone envisioned for any of the incoming Freshman, for him to do that, is a positive outlook and will be tied to Coach Dillingham from day one.

Devy Outlook

His price is skyrocketing and if you can, try to buy now before the price keeps going up. In an earlier C2C startup this summer, he went around the late teens, most recently, he went in the 6th round of a Startup. If you have him, he is a hold, he has all the tools to produce for C2C purposes as well as gaining value as a Devy asset.

NFL Outlook

Rashada has all the tools and has a coach that will play to his strengths with a Quarterback friendly system, Day one draft capital is well within his range of outcomes.