July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Dante Moore

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UCLA Bruins
Dante Moore
6’3″ 210lbs
5* in the composites
High School: Martin Luther King Jr
Draft Eligible: 2026

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Dante Moore

Who is Dante Moore?

Moore was a 4 year starter in High School in the state of Michigan with a 40-11 record. Moore comes in as the most ready Quarterback of the class based on that experience. Moore won two state championships, named Michigan player of the year in 2022, and was initially committed to Oregon before decommitting and finally settling on UCLA. As a Senior, Moore completed 69% of his passes and threw for 32 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. With his experience, Moore comes in pretty refined while not having a rocket arm, Moore has really good accuracy and gets the ball out fast with a good throwing motion. Moore has a good feel for the pocket and knows when to shuffle away from pressure. Moore is more of a scrambler than a runner, he will move around the pocket, but looks to throw the ball, rather than take off and run. Moore isn’t a read it and throw it, he likes to set his feet and delivery the pass, he doesn’t have the greatest arm and utilizes his accuracy to pinpoint his passes, that will be his calling card at the next level. While watching his tape, you don’t see Moore get rattled or let the moment become too big for him.

Pathway to Success

Moore is currently competing for the starting job and Chip Kelly has yet to name a starter. It doesn’t appear that he will be named the starter, but if UCLA struggles early, we could see Moore on the field sooner than later. Either way, he is set up to be the guy next year in Pasadena as UCLA moves into the B1G Ten.


Arm Strength. Spring reports indicated that Moore was suffering from arm fatigue and a lot of passes floated on him. Moving into the B1G next year and playing in weather inclement games, that could be an issue. Due to Moore setting his feet before he throws, we won’t see a lot of improvised plays or off scripted plays from him and to bring that back to arm talent, that could be another reason we don’t see him just fling the ball out there, he knows his limitations. With his experience in High School and a 4 year starter, is it a case of what you see is what you get? Moore is a decent athlete but nowhere near an explosive athlete or playmaker, he is a pinpoint precision type. My comp for him based off those concerns is Tua Tagovailoa.

Freshman Outlook

If we see Moore being named the starter, that will be a good opportunity for him as I covered J.Michael Sturdivant in a recent Devy Digest and I see him as a riser this coming season. UCLA will boast a one two combo at running back with TJ Harden and Carson Steele. If Moore doesn’t win the starting job, it should not be viewed as a disappointment as we really didn’t have any expectations for any of the incoming Freshman Quarterbacks to be named the starter at their prospective programs. Year two, is the year where we should expect him to be named the starter and showcase his abilities in the B1G.

Devy Value

Dante Moore is a hold for me. His arm and lack of off scripted plays are two key factors of why he isn’t a buy for me. Moore should be in a good system to disguise his weaknesses, which is a positive, but will Moore have the supporting cast to enhance his abilities?

NFL Outlook

1st round is within the range of outcomes for Moore. He will have every opportunity to succeed in Chip Kelly’s system. Accuracy is his calling card and with a lot of teams using shorter passes and getting the ball out quickly, some teams won’t have concerns with his arm.