June 21, 2024

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile: Cameron Seldon

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School: Tennessee
6’2″ 222lbs
Age: 18
Pos: RB
Draft Eligible: 2026

Who is Cameron Seldon?


Cameron Seldon attended Northumberland High in Virginia and was the 3rd ranked athlete and a composite 4*. Seldon was also a track athlete and ran 100 meters in 10.74. He also competed in 200 meters, high jump, long jump and triple jump. While watching his High School tape, the game plan was clear. Get Seldon the ball in space and let him create. He lined up as a receiver, quarterback and running back. While he ran routes, his impact plays were bubble screens to get him the ball and let him create. He used his athleticism to make play after play. He wasn’t facing the toughest competition, which makes it a tough evaluation. He’s a decent route runner, and as a running back he made plays by being bigger, faster and stronger. Because of that, he is a raw athlete coming to Knoxville and from early indication, Seldon has thrived on coaching and Tennessee Head Coach Josh Heupel has talked him up on several occasions including stating he will be a far better runner in the fall than he was in the spring and stating he has a high ceiling and his receiving skill makes him a unique asset. It appears Heupel is molding Seldon into a weapon that he will utilize for the next few years. Seldon has the size, athletic traits, and receiving background to make us think he can be a Raheim Sanders.



Pathway to success

Tennessee is a friendly offense to athletes and that’s exactly what Seldon is. Heupel utilizes the strength of his players and showcases that. Seldon should be used in ways that will get him open, where he can create in the open field. He probably won’t be asked to run in between tackles much as they have Jaylen Wright for that. Expectations to begin the first quarter of the season are specialized package plays and for Seldon to get involved during blowouts. As Seldon gains trust with the coaching staff, one would imagine he’ll be a key weapon during the SEC portion of their schedule.



Seldon is essentially a converted big slot to a running back. While he lined up in the backfield in high school, a lot times it was pitches to get him the ball in open space and let him use his athletic abilities. We need to see more in between the tackles. Seldon has always been the superior athlete on the field, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to other similar athletes when he gets on the field. 



Freshman Outlook

In the spring game, Heupel utilized him in different ways, totaling 10 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown to go along with 3 catches for 45 yards. Afterwards, Heupel talked him up to the media. It could be coach fluff but how he was used, shows what we could see later on this season. The Tennessee backfield is muddied with no clear standout. Seldon has every opportunity to seize a decent role by the middle of the season. Tennessee loses its top two receivers and Seldon with a receiving background could be used in open space to get the ball and make a play. Seldon is still learning the nuances of the running back position, to expect a large workload wouldn’t be prudent but small packages that develop into a timeshare as a Freshman will be a win.


NFL Outlook

Late day 1 draft capital is in the range of outcomes. The NFL has devalued the running back position, but they love weapons that can be utilized in different ways and that is exactly what Seldon is. He should test well, which will enhance his stock. If he ends up with an NFL offensive coordinator that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box, Seldon can become a better version of Deebo Samuel.