July 20, 2024

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Arch Manning

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Texas Longhorns

QB Arch Manning
6’4″ 212lbs
5* in the composites
High School: Isidore Newman
Draft Eligible: 2026

Devy Digest: Freshman Profile Arch Manning

Who is Arch Manning?

Yes, we have another Manning. Manning was a High School All American and participated in the  U.S. Army Bowl. Depending on the recruiting services, he was rated as the #1 Quarterback. Manning was a 4year starter and compiled a 34-9 record and threw for nearly 8,600 yards with 115 touchdowns to 20 interceptions. Manning rushed for over 1,100 yards and 25 touchdowns on the ground. Manning did not play at the highest level of competition in Louisiana and he had some games where he struggled against defenses that he shouldn’t have struggled against. Manning is a true threat with his feet, unlike his two famous uncles. Manning has the pedigree and will receive feedback to improve his game by everyone who will want him to succeed. Lack of high level competition in High School is the biggest knock on him, he processes the game very well at his age and makes pre snap adjustments to give his team into positive situations. Manning throws the ball with good velocity and has examples of being able to make every throw needed at the next level. At times, Manning can be off target and is more known for his arm than his accuracy. At this stage, the accuracy issues appear to be mechanics more than anything, he sees a play develop and he wants to get the ball out of there and loses on accuracy while doing so. He likes to make off scripted plays but it can get away from him, he’ll need coaching and to be reeled in a bit to ensure it doesn’t become a trait that follows him.

Pathway to Success

Manning will be the third Quarterback on the depth chart this year and his opportunity to play will be in extreme blowouts or later in the season. Texas has a deep Quarterback room but all of them have their question marks. Arch should be the guy next year in this NIL world and he should be set up for success under Coach Sarkisian. With the last name Manning, he will be given every opportunity to succeed. Manning will have a full set of weapons next year, including Johntay Cook II, whom is a Freshman that we’ve covered in a Devy Digest article and is my #1 Freshman wide receiver. Texas is a hotbed for recruiting and will have ample weapons for Manning to succeed with.


While we don’t expect the game to be too big for him, we did see him get rattled in the Spring Game. Is there too much pressure on him at a young age. He deficiencies were hidden playing lower level competition in Louisiana and he won’t have that anymore in Texas. He has been anointed as the guy to bring Texas back to relevance and all that pressure could be too much, even for a Manning.

Freshman Outlook

We shouldn’t expect much this year unless there’s an emergency. Quinn Ewers has looked like a different Quarterback this Spring and fall camp and is the undisputed starter. Maalik Murphy is the backup and Arch will be the third string, like with majority of the incoming Freshman Quarterbacks, we didn’t expect any of them to start as a Freshman. Manning might see some action in extreme blowouts, just so he can get live reps in, but he is a stash.

Devy Value

Manning is very polarizing. If you have shares of him, I would shop around and see what you can get for him, there’s always a manager or two that over value him and a handful that under value him. Based on the pedigree and what he potentially has around him next year, if I have Manning, I would hold and if there’s a manager who has him that is low on him, I would buy at the right price.

NFL Outlook

Day one draft capital and potential top 15 pick is well within the range of outcomes for him. The name will carry him a long way and so will that arm. As stated above, he will be given every chance to succeed.