July 23, 2024

Devy Digest: Emeka Egbuka (Buckeyes WR2)

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Ohio State Buckeyes

Position: Wide Receiver
Emeka Egbuka
6’1″ 206 lbs
Age: 21
Draft Eligible: 2024
Devy Digest WR Rank: 5

Devy Digest: Emeka Egbuka

Andy Pham

Who is Emeka Egbuka?

Egbuka was a 5* in the composites, the number 1 ranked Wide Receiver in the 2021 class. Egbuka attended Steilacoom High in the state of Washington. Due to COVID restrictions in his Senior year, Football was moved to the Spring and Egbuka decided to opt out and enroll early at Ohio State. Being an early enrollee helped him get into the regiment and weight room to help him see the field as a Freshman. Something that was valuable in lieu of playing his Senior year in High School. Egbuka eventually made his way onto the playing field and showed enough that he was named a starter as a Sophomore and made an immediate impact for the Buckeyes when Jaxson Smith Njigba was forced to miss essentially the entire 2022 season. Egbuka was used in the slot but was asked to run routes at all 3 levels and won at all 3 levels. They also used him in jet sweeps just to get him the ball and let him create. Egbuka has been hampered by injuries this season, but that shouldn’t impact how you view him at the next level as he’ll look to become another 1st round NFL draft pick from Ohio State.

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Rest of Season Outlook

Egbuka recently returned from injury and as long as Ohio State is in the mix for the playoffs, we’ll see Egbuka continue to play. Egbuka doesn’t really have anything to prove and will more than likely opt out if the Buckeyes fail to make the College Football playoffs.


While Egbuka lines up in the slot the majority of the time, he isn’t exclusively a slot receiver at the next level. Egbuka is a refined receiver and is an excellent route runner who uses his skills to his advantage. Egbuka brings subtle movements to throw defenders off and has enough burst to accelerate by his defender. Egbuka also knows where to sit down in his routes against zone coverages and allows his Quarterback the safety valve to move the chains. Egbuka is a well versed route tree and would be equally effective lined up out wide. Egbuka has good footwork and brings with different combinations to get off the line of scrimmage should a corner press him. Egbuka brings enough physical play strength to win through contact. With this receiving class having a taller, more physical makeup, his trait of being a slot receiver at Ohio State is actually an advantage as teams needing a slot receiver or someone with the nuance of being a short to intermediate route runner who can beat zone and press coverage will have to move up or draft him in the middle to late first round. Egbuka is an all around athlete in the same vein of JSN, he won’t wow you during the combine testing but he’ll do everything well and test good enough to meet the thresholds the NFL teams are wanting. Egbuka relies on his technical footwork and overall refinement as a receiver to win, similarly to how Cooper Kupp wins in the NFL.


Egbuka is perhaps one of the more polished receivers of the 2024 class, if there is any concern that we have for him, is how well can he separate at the next level if he isn’t exclusively lined up at the slot. Will the NFL corners be too quick for him and will Egbuka need time to adjust to that.

Devy Value

Egbuka is a hold. It would cost too much to buy and I wouldn’t sell a polished receiver like Egbuka who will more than likely garner mid to late first round draft capital.

NFL Outlook

The NFL loves Ohio State Wide Receivers and he is the next man up and should, by all indications, at worse be the 3rd wide receiver taken in the 2024 NFL draft. Egbuka will test just fine and it won’t affect his stock, neither will the injury this year. Egbuka is a refined Wide Receiver who will be a starter at the next level.