June 12, 2024

Devy Digest: Caleb Williams

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Caleb Williams


USC Trojans
Position: Quarterback
6’1″ 215lbs
Age: 22
Draft Eligible: 2024
Devy Digest QB Rank: 1


Devy Digest: Caleb Williams

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Who is Caleb Williams?

Caleb Williams was a 5* in the composites and attended Gonzaga High in Washington DC where he was the top-ranked prospect in the nation for some services and was a top 10 prospect in general for all the services. Williams initially committed to Oklahoma where he would take over mid-season as a True Freshman and would transfer to USC and follow Head Coach Lincoln Riley.

Advance Metrics courtesy of Campus 2 Canton



Williams is a magician with being able to navigate his way out of the pocket and bide additional time. Caleb Williams is able to make off-platform throws that most wouldn’t imagine making. Williams also possesses the ability to make throws at multiple arm angles and can evade the pass rush and scramble to get out of danger. Williams layers his throws beautifully and just as beautiful is his moon balls, similar to Russell Wilson. He has the patience to wait for his in breaking receiver to pass the first window to the second window to bypass the defender and uses his mobility to ensure the completion of that pass. The creativity in Williams’ game is exciting to see. Williams makes NFL-level throws on a consistent basis.


Williams prefers to play off script and not in rhythm with the offense. As College defenses have the tape of this, they’ve been able to contain him and the offense. Williams needs to learn to take what the defense gives him and play within the scope of the offense. Far too often, he will opt to not take his check down and will scramble out to see if his receivers can make plays for him and that makes an Offensive Line unable to project how to protect their Quarterback, while the Offensive Line at USC was bad, it was made to look worse as they could not hold up to blocking for more than 5 seconds. Caleb Williams will need to learn to play within the structure and live to fight another down, take the 4-yard dump off, and get ahead of the sticks for a 2nd and manageable. Caleb Williams has too much trust in his arm and legs and will force balls into his receivers and he can get away with that in College, but in the NFL, those turnover-worthy plays will multiply weekly, leading him to more and more issues he’ll need to correct.

Devy Value

Caleb Williams stock is perhaps as low as it ever has been and if there is a buy window, now is that time. There are enough rumblings that a manager could be concerned and if you are bullish on Williams at the next level, you could pry him away for say a top-8 NFL QB, a supplemental C2C, college first, and perhaps a third-tier CFF asset.

NFL Outlook

My play style comp for Williams has been Russell Wilson, both Quarterbacks are a magician in getting out of danger and finding ways to make plays. They both scramble and have good enough movement to escape a situation that would negate negative yards for most Quarterbacks. Both also prefer to play out of structure and prefer to play out of the pocket. It would be too long-winded as to why a Patrick Mahomes comp is lazy, but the only similar trait between the two is they can make throws at multiple arm angles.

Williams should go to a pretty bad team, he will have to elevate the teammates around him, he was able to do that at USC without a truly great supporting cast. Williams had Jordan Addison for one year, but other than that has been elevating his team to his level. There are a lot of recent negative traits that are now being thrown in to describe Williams, it’s easy to pile on but it’s still safe to say he will be the QB1 and the overall 1st pick in the NFL draft.