June 21, 2024

Devy Digest: Antonio Williams

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Clemson Tigers

Wide Receiver
Antonio Williams
5’11” 195lbs
Age: 19
Draft Eligible: 2025



Who is Antonio Williams?

Williams was a high 4* in the composites and he attended Dutch Fork High School (Irmo South Carolina), where he was everything for them. During his time at Dutch Fork, Williams compiled 137 catches, over 2,400 yards with 23 touchdowns. He also had 20 rushes for over 240 yards, was a punt and kick returner and even played some defense, and was a key part in them reaching the State finals three times. Williams came to Clemson with a full receiving room of high profile and decorated guys and led the team in receptions as a True Freshman. In the offseason, Clemson hired Garrett Riley to be the new offensive coordinator.

Advance Metrics (Courtesy of Campus 2 Canton)

I typically post an advanced metric to compare individual high profile wide receivers with one another, but I don’t think most realize how neutered the offense was at Clemson last year and what Antonio Williams was able to do. Therefore I just did the returning Clemson wide receiver room.

2023 Outlook

Williams still stands out in this receiving room. It’s a room full of 6’2″ 215lb plus guys and Williams is sized as more of the modern NFL mold, with quickness and good agility to win in the slot and out wide with good versatility to win against press and zone coverages. New offensive coordinator Garrett Riley will utilize Williams in more inventive ways and will showcase his strengths and improve upon his true Freshman season. The entire receiving group gets a bump due to the new system. Quarterback Cade Klubnik just needs to distribute the ball and not do too much else.


What I love about Williams while watching his tape, is his route running. Probably the best of his class and he is so crisp and smart with how he uses his body to get his defender to move in the opposite way where Williams intends to take his route. An exceptional football IQ with good speed to boost, Williams is very light on his feet and has a good release package to avoid being stood up at the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t need a free release to get to where he needs to go, as he has deceptive play strength and knows how to use leverage to his advantage. At times he can be jammed up, but watching his film, it seems more like Williams is not ready at the snap. What I also liked is his willingness to grow on and off the field. He was quoted as saying he was so focused at earning a starting spot on the team, that he would sometimes be late or miss class all together and would just coast through the weight room functions. He admitted he was immature. For a 19 year old to reflect and realize that, speaks volumes. Coach Swinney has come out and essentially said, it took Williams awhile for it to all finally click, but it has and Williams has done everything right in the offseason to become a leader in the program. Teammate, and fellow wide receiver Beaux Collins has been on record essentially stating, Williams has a different demeanor this year, and he’s been early to workouts and taking care of the nutrition side as well. Year two in the program, we should see an improved Antonio Williams on and off the field.


There isn’t much to his game that I don’t like. However, if I had to nitpick, I would like to see him get more involved in the run blocking game, be just as valuable to the team when it isn’t a pass play, get dirty, and block for your running back. That’s something I’d like to see him do more of.

Devy Value

Williams is a buy right now and I would see what pieces I can give up to acquire Williams. He is the prototypical NFL wide receiver for how the game is played today. I would not hesitate to give up pieces to acquire him.

NFL Outlook

Day one draft capital is well within his range of outcomes and he reminds me of a more refined Santana Moss. Antonio Williams is my WR2 of the 2025 class. Williams has been clocked at over 21MPH in game. All the tools are there, we just need a competent offense at Clemson to show what Williams can bring to the table.