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Cam Akers Injury Breakdown

ByZach Kurt

Jul 21, 2021

Cam Akers Injury Breakdown

By Zach Kurt

It is a sad day in the football world when a player gets injured. It’s more devastating when it is an Achilles Tear (especially at the Running Back position) Well...if you haven’t heard Cam Akers, RB for the Los Angeles Rams, tore his Achilles. We are here to look at his dynasty outlook from here on out. In order to do that we will need to look at the history of players with this injury and how those players have recovered from this particular injury. 

Cam Akers was slated to have a workhorse role this season, but unfortunately that won't be able to happen this season. If Akers was a horse they would have to shoot him because his leg is all messed up. How bad is this injury for the running back position? I have compiled some data on the injury itself and then the injury outlook for running backs specifically. Akers has a 72% chance to return to football, a 50% reduction of power ranking, and full recovery time can take up to 2 years. So right off the bat he could not return at all or come back with less power after two years. Now let's look at how it has affected running backs over the past 10 years.

I borrowed this table from @Kyle_FFRecon. He's a great follow on twitter! This table shows that it has put down every single running back it had hit pretty significantly. What I will say is that if anyone can come back I believe that Akers can. However, If Akers comes back at 70% of his explosiveness I would say that he would be a worse runner than his backfield partner in Darrell Henderson. What is Akers Dynasty Value going down the road? It’s tough to say, but I would value him in the same vein as Ronald Jones or Gus Edwards, because I find it hard to believe that he will ever be a bell-cow again given all the history we just went through. I was able to sell Akers for a 2022 1st...and if you can do that, I would before people do the research behind the Achilles. I think Akers is a very good running back on a great team but an Achilles tear is a RB killer. As I always say send trades because.. Dynasty never sleeps.


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