• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Joe Goodwin

Full time teacher, full time fantasy sports enthusiast.  I try to look at fantasy sports through my own lens and share that vision with my readers  I love to explore and find new, and exciting fantasy football options including: C2C, dynasty, IDP, and Devy.  See me on Twitter @JGoody77 Always willing to give advice, reach out via Twitter
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Dynasty Debate: Top Young Quarterback

Which young quarterback would you rather build your dynasty team around> Goody debates Bob this time around on their choice of signal caller to anchor their dynasty teams.

Dynasty Debate: The Top 5 Dynasty Running Backs

Who are the top 5 dynasty running backs? We have our first three way dynasty debate as the crew discusses who should be in and out of the top five.

Dynasty Debate: Who enters the 2024 season as Tight End 1?

Who enters the 2024 fantasy football season as the TE1? @JGoody77 has a dynasty debates with @FFCanuck99 over who should be the first tight end taken off draft boards next…

2023 NFL Draft Class Wide Receiver 1 Dynasty Debate: Who is the Most Impressive WR from the 2023 Class?

Dynasty Debates: Who is the #1 Wide Receiver from the 2023 NFL Draft Class? Who is the rookie wide receiver who will emerge as a fantasy stalwart from the 2023…

Dynasty Debate: Is CJ Stroud a Top 5 Dynasty QB?

As regular season fantasy leagues wrap up, managers must decide if a player is worth the long-term investment, an outright cut, or primed to be traded. In this new series,…

Running Back Stock Watch

Running Back Stock Watch Every week, we see the ups and downs in fantasy football. Some players struggle to find playing time, and we drop them for the next flashy…