• Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Cody Folden

Cody Folden joined the Dynasty Pros team in 2023. He plays in many dynasty leagues but dabbles in other leagues like devy, contract, and scouting leagues. He loves to dive deep into learning about prospects coming up through college and seeing them thrive when they get to the league.
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  • Rookie Spotlight: Tank Dell

Rookie Spotlight: Tank Dell

Rookie Spotlight: Nathaniel “Tank” Dell By Cody Folden   The Houston Cougars offense last year was run by Nathaniel “Tank” Dell. With 109 receptions, 1398 yards, and 17 TDs he…

Dynasty Dilemma: Rashod Bateman

Dynasty Dilemma: Rashod Bateman By Cody Folden   If you haven't read Joe Goodwin’s article on Rashod Bateman in August of 2022, before you read this I would go and…

Rookie Spotlight: Zay Flowers

Rookie Spotlight: Zay Flowers By Cody Folden   Zay Flowers could be the Swiss Army knife of the draft. At 5’9” 182 pounds, and in a scouting combine full of…