April 24, 2024

An Introduction to NFL ALL DAY

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An Introduction to NFL ALL DAY

By Andrew Hall



The NFT space has been around for a while, and for many, it can be a little overwhelming. If you're new here, that's perfectly fine. I'm here to walk you through some of the basics of NFTs as well as the basics of NFL ALL DAY specifically. Let's get into it!


What even are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It's a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied. This basically means that NFTs are unique tokens, or "things", that exist entirely within a digital space. Most NFTs are recorded on a digital blockchain that keeps a record of when these tokens are created and transacted. This unique token can be an image, a video, or an audio file. It has an address that can be represented by a string of characters. They are entirely unique and because of that, they have intrinsic value.

NFTs are often thought of as related to cryptocurrencies but they are actually very different. Cryptocurrency itself is not unique, much like how the money in your bank account isn't unique. However, the transaction record of cryptocurrency is also stored on a blockchain and that transaction record is unique to the cryptocurrency itself. NFTs use blockchain technology as well, just in a different way. The fact that NFTs are unique makes each individual NFT worth different amounts whereas cryptocurrency is generally traded at the same value regardless of the specific currency held.

What is NFL ALL DAY?

By no means is that description of NFTs exhaustive or perfect, but I think it's a good start. Now, let's transition to the world of physical trading cards for a minute. Trading cards are produced in limited amounts, some of which are in very limited amounts. Let's go with a run of 50,000 cards for this example. Each card is an identical copy that matches the others, but it's also a very specific item that only exists as itself. The card you have in your hand can only be held in your hand when you have it. Others may have another copy of that card, but their card is different from yours.

Are you with me so far?

Let's take this same concept and make it digital. Now, what if we "minted" (printed on the blockchain) digital NFTs for each card Instead of printing physical cardboard cards? Using our example, this means that there would be 50,000 copies of the same card, but each with its own unique identification number that makes them unique. Limited edition cardboard cards already do this by marking them with a number out of the print run, 123/999 for example. NFTs use the same logic but every card is numbered and unique.

NFL ALL DAY uses the same basic premise of physical cards and takes it up a notch. NFL ALL DAY adds video clips to these digital trading cards and calls them moments. Individual moments are either specific plays from games or a combination of moments called melts. From time to time NFL ALL DAY sells packs of these moments in what is called "Drops" and also provides a marketplace where you can buy and sell moments to complete sets to build the collection you want.


So NFL ALL DAY moments are just digital trading cards?

In a word: yes. But they're much more than that. These moments all have standard attributes associated with them such as player name, team name, play type, date of the moment, etc. There are different sets you can collect or you can just collect specific play types, or for specific teams, or for games that you remember or attended. The fact that these moments are digital allows for more attributes to be tied to them than can be printed on a physical card and makes it easier to sort and find them. It also makes storing them much easier since they're stored on the blockchain and not in a box at home.

On top of the basic identifiers, some moments are then given badges to denote if that moment is special in some way. The first moment minted for a player is given the ALL DAY Debut badge. This means it's a unique moment that is the only debut for that player, no other moment for that player will have that badge. A moment can also be denoted as from their rookie year or from a year their team won a championship. Physical cards have a similar badge for rookies but that's basically it. These digital moments can show a lot more info than their physical counterparts which both makes them more fun to collect and more useful. Some even have voice commentary on them.

What can you use NFL ALL DAY moments for?

This is a question that can become somewhat divisive. As with any project related to the blockchain, some people are only looking for a way to profit. In relation to NFL ALL DAY, this means you would look to speculate on the value of the player moments based on real-world actions. You can go to the marketplace to look for values and find plays and players that you think will see an increase in value. If you're looking to make money here, that's fine, but much like physical card collecting, it can be tough. As with valuing any collection, predicting the future isn't always easy.

The other main utility that NFL ALL DAY has is specific to the moments being digital. From time to time NFL ALL DAY releases Playbooks that allow collectors to "submit" moments from their collection to gain yards toward a specific goal. Oftentimes, the rewards for the Playboks are a mint-to-completion moment, meaning they only mint as many as are achieved. You can also can be rewarded with packs and other digital collectibles within the platform. This gamification alone gives these digital cards a lot more value than their physical counterpart in my opinion.


Whew, that sounds like a lot! But it sounds fun!

I'm not going to lie, it is a lot but it's also a lot of fun. For new collectors, it can be a little intimidating at first. I've helped a lot of people get on board and helped them figure out the ins and outs. If you ever have any questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter or on Discord at @AndrewHallFF. My DMs are always open and I'm here to help people have an easier time using and accessing the project. The more people that use it, the more fun we'll all get to have with it. So what's holding you back? Go get started now!

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