• Sat. May 27th, 2023

5 Dynasty Offseason Targets 

By Zach Kurt

The offseason is here and with that being said it’s trading time. Dynasty leagues offer a level of participation during the offseason. Where you make moves just as a NFL team does. Trading is my favorite element of dynasty leagues. Therefore, I have highlighted 5 players to go and trade for this offseason.

D.J. Chark (WR - JAX)

D.J. Chark in 2020 had a down year (53-706-5), primarily from the QB roulette he saw. Going from Minshew to Luton to Glennon had to be hard as a pass catcher. We saw Chark as a WR1 (73-1,008-8) with Minshew slinging the ball in 2019, proof a consistent QB allows him to shine.

Now imagine Chark with a consistent QB named Trevor Lawrence; Chark Attack! 

Chark’s outlook continues to look better and better to me. He is a phenomenal route runner and goes up and gets the ball. Giving him Urban Meyer and a QB who will be great for years to come makes me want to invest in Chark with hopes that he returns to WR1 form.

Scotty Miller (WR - TB)

With Chris Godwin potentially leaving the nest, Tom Brady’s slot role could be opening up and Scotty Miller is the perfect person to fill the Julian Edelman role. Throughout Brady’s career, he has been extremely friendly with slot receivers (Welker, Edelman, and Godwin). Edelman and Welker in their time with Brady, were just shy of 2,000 targets while the other WRs with Brady have been less than spectacular. 

Scotty is a speedy slot guy with great hands and a chance for all the opportunities. Miller already has rapport with Brady and you should buy him while you still can...while the price is still low. One final question you may ask yourself, is he a good bye when Brady maybe has 1 year left? Yes.  Just because Brady may leave doesn’t mean that the slot role disappears with the next QB. Take Jacoby Meyers for instance.  Brady left, Edelman was hurt, and Jacoby was the most involved receiver in that offense. I would still buy Miller even though a lot of his worth is riding on Brady.

Chase Edmonds (RB - ARI)

Chase Edmonds looked better than Kenyan Drake for nearly the entirety of the 2020 season, and how he did not assume the starting role in the season is beyond me. He had more YPCarry (4.6 vs 4.0), YPCatch (7.6 vs 5.5, targets (67 vs 31), receptions (53 vs 25), receiving yards (402 vs 137) and yet Drake got 250+ touches while Edmonds just had 150. 

Edmonds is a great runner in-between the tackles, agile, and can catch passes! Drake’s tenure is likely over in Arizona, even though he was almost a 1,000 yard rusher last year while being the less talented RB. You may have to pay up for Chase, but he has the opportunity to become a starter for one of the most explosive offenses in football. Why not go and grab an up and coming star?

Blake Jarwin (TE - DAL)

In 2020, the Cowboys lost long-time TE Jason Witten and WR Randall Cobb to free agency.  With them went over 160 targets from the 2019 season.  In came highly regarded rookie WR CeeDee Lamb and Blake Jarwin was finally supposed to get his opportunity to be the starting TE.  Unfortunately, his ACL had a different idea.  Star QB Dak Prescott was also gruesomely injured, seemingly lessening any impact a TE could have in Dallas.

Even without Prescott, Dalton Schultz was a top-12 TE. Blake Jarwin was ahead of Schultz on the depth chart for a reason; he is a great athlete who was trained by one of the all-time greats in Jason Witten, with the contract to match. With Dak back (or another starting qb) and Blake Jarwin in the starting role, we should be seeing some really good numbers coming from #89 the next few seasons to follow.

Jeff Wilson (RB - SF)

Jeff Wilson really showed up this season when Mostert was injured. In the last 3 weeks of the season, Wilson had 319 yards on the ground and 4 TD’s. Jeff was everything you would want in a starting RB. He has shown a similar level of competency as Mostert and right now he is getting absolutely no clout. I would buy him low right now. He is being considered as a valuable handcuff to Mostert. Wilson has the opportunity to win the starting job and even if he does not win,this is a Kyle Shanahan offense. He may not be an every week starter, but when you know he is the guy, you want to play him. A final note is Wilson has had an extremely good bill of health while Mostert has missed a lot of time. You are not paying a high price on Wilson and it could really pay off.

I really like the talent of all these guys above and I own them in at least one of my leagues. They all have immense upside and that is why they are some of my favorite trade targets. You could really see some zero-to-hero scenarios and it's best to buy when they are zeros. Send a couple of offers for these guys. The worst that can happen is rejection and in the fantasy community rejection is a way of life!

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