• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

The Super Bowl is right around the corner but for all the other 30 teams, the offseason has begun. The first step is in process with the Senior Bowl this week. Prospect scouting is already happening for many and our own Cody Folden has you covered with the top 10 Quarterback prospects in Part one and Part two here. I am going to be giving you a few more names that are outside the top ten but are intriguing names nonetheless. These sleeper quarterbacks will most likely be day three players but we have seen that to be successful in fantasy football you have to find the sleepers as well.



Devin Leary QB Kentucky


Devin Leary played immediately as a freshman at NC State but had mediocre results. In 2020 he was off to a great start until injury cut his season early. In 2021 he had a huge year with over 3,400 yards and 35 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions. Before 2022, I was very high on him and thought he could be a sleeper for the third quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. His junior season started slow and an injury stopped any hopes of him declaring early.

With his decision to transfer to Kentucky, I was very excited again to see his bounce back. He was going to have the most talent around him but he never found consistency and had his lowest completion percentage since he was a freshman. Leary only had 3 games over 300 yards, 6 games under 200 yards, and a whopping 10 games with completing under 60% of his passes.

Leary looks to be a day-three quarterback because of his limitations when under pressure and lack of mobility. The NFL is leaning more towards quarterbacks that can move and create off-script which is something he struggles with. He could be a spot-starter for teams and be a very solid backup for many years.



Joe Milton QB Tennessee


Joe Milton was a four-star quarterback coming out of high school and committed to Michigan in 2018. He was known for having a cannon for an arm but was raw. He played sparingly his first two years but finally got to be the starter in 2020. He had a great game against Minnesota but then struggled the rest of the year before being benched in week five against Rutgers.

He would eventually transfer to Tennessee and sit behind Hendon Hooker. At the end of the 2022 season, Milton had a huge game against Clemson with 251 yards and three touchdowns. Many were excited for him to start his final season and some even made comparisons to Anthony Richardson. I never believed that because Milton is not the athletic freak that Richardson is. Milton did have his best year in 2023 and threw for a career-high in completion percentage and had 20 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions.

Milton is a player that shows glimpses of what he could be but the inconsistency makes me wonder if he will ever reach it. He has improved in touch and accuracy but still needs to take great strides. This year Tennessee receivers did not help with the drops, but his placement did not allow for great run after the catch opportunities. I could see a team maybe taking a chance late in the third round but Milton is most likely a day three player. He has the most upside of these four sleeper quarterbacks but his struggles in progressions will make him a project.



Taulia Tagovailoa QB Maryland


Taulia Tagovailoa will always be compared to his brother Tua Tagovailoa. That is probably one reason he transferred from Alabama to get a chance to make a name for himself. At Maryland, he took the reigns of the offense in 2021 and had his best year with a 69.2 completion percentage along with over 3,800 yards and 26 touchdowns.

He would show consistency in the three years of being a full-time starter with over 66% completions, 3000 yards, and two to one TD/INT ratio each year. The problem was that he didn't really improve his decision-making and sometimes struggled with consistency in making the right reads. Tagovailoa showed a great ability to extend plays and escape pressure in the pocket. The problem is he would make costly errors in big situations taking sacks or throwing interceptions.

I think he will be a day-three pick but could have a similar arc to a Gardner Minshew. A backup who isn't good enough to be a full-time starter but could have very good games. His ability to make plays off-script is very Minshew-like. The problem is that his small frame and lack of elite arm strength limit his potential in my eyes.



Gavin Hardison QB UTEP


Gavin Hardison played sparingly his freshman year but after that, he was a starter for four years at UTEP. His best year occurred in 2021 where he threw for 3,200 yards and 18 touchdowns. In 2023 he could have eclipsed those numbers but because of injury he only played in five games finishing with 900 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Hardison never had a year of over 60% completions, his highest was this year at 56.6%. He also finished his career with 40 touchdowns to 33 interceptions. So for him, it would not be the production or stats but if a team sees traits on film that would think they could coach him up. I worry about not having better production against lower-level competition and most of the offense was RPO. I know teams have moved to more of that but not at the level he was operating at UTEP.

He throws very well on the run and has a nice zip on his passes. Sometimes he doesn't set his feet on scrambles and that affects his accuracy. He needs to learn to take check-downs and not hold the ball for so long looking for the big play. There is potential but I am not sure that is a long-time starter. He is a day-three sleeper quarterback that a team may take a chance on as a developmental player.


These four sleeper quarterbacks are not going to be immediate starters or impact players but in dynasty, you always need to be looking for depth. As we have seen this year, backup quarterbacks are so important, and having one on your roster can save your season.